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Protecting Your Product Ideas
Posted on September 25, 2007
Ladies Who Launch is one of my favorite business programs -- it's a grassroots organization that offers "incubators" for women who have a great business idea and need support. Frankly, wish I'd thought of it! However, on their blog this week there's a great entry on Patents and defending your brilliant ideas.Kim Lavine, author of Mommy Millionaire, writes:    I remember when I was just starting out, perhaps the scariest moments for me involved putting my ideas out there in the marketplace, worrying about somebody knocking them off. Since then I’ve learned that the idea is only 5% of a product’s success—and this may include the patent! The other 95% is sales and marketing. You can find a whole section in my book MOMMY MILLIONAIRE on patents, and I... Read More
Build a Website for a Buck
Posted on September 20, 2007
Read on's blog today:If you've been dreaming up an e-commerce site, blog or online business, this is the time to give it a shot--for $1. That's right, MyDomain, a domain registration company, is offering customers the chance to launch a website for $1 for 30 days. The site's "Build Your Dream Business" promotion, which kicked off today, allows customers to pick a domain name and use MyDomain's software to publish their website. After the 30-day trial, customers can continue to use MyDomain's annual domain registration and three months of hosting for $41.80. ... Read More
Want a Personal Travel Assistant?
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Again, reading's blog and learned about A free web service that will combine all your travel plans/docs into one itinerary you can access online and in print and coordinate it all with your companions. It seems like a great thing to do for a vacation or for your first trip to a new city for a trade show or craft fair. I can see this being a good thing. Let me know if you try it! ... Read More
Posted on September 19, 2007
Where were the necklaces? And what was up with all those hair-do's?????? ... Read More
Small-business owners work longer, happier hours
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Speaking as someone who is online/plugged in almost all the time, I agree with with this report in the NAWBO Smartbrief:                        Small-business owners work longer hours and more holidays than the general population, but they also feel more in control of their lives, according to the latest index from Discover Small Business Watch. Another plus is small-business owners get more support from their spouses when they check their e-mail on their days off compared to those who work for other people, according to the report. Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)/Associated PressI'd say we're happier too and our families are more integrated into our work life. Would you? ... Read More
Do You Know What Swag is?
Posted on September 15, 2007
Swag = free stuff given at swanky events for promotional opportunities Basically, it's a party goody bag for adults. You've heard about them after the Oscars and other "red carpet" events -- gift bags/baskets filled with all kinds of goodies companies paid the event planner to give to you. If you're a celebrity. Going along with the swag bag is the swag event -- "lounges," "bars" and open-house like parties hosted by companies or by swag-organizers to get celebs to come get their free stuff ... for the price of a photo with their branded free stuff. The Emmy's are coming up so here's one way a big jewelry brand has gotten some celebrity exposure -- and managing to take Eco-Friendly (buzz word of the year) very upscale. Read about it all on... Read More