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Henri Bendel Open Call
Posted on March 31, 2008
We tried something new here -- we spread the word last Friday about famed fashion mecca Henri Bendel's Designer Open Call that was happening today (Monday). I did a mass email to our Inner Circle just in case anyone might be interested -- even at the late date. Figuring New Yorkers could turn on a dime for this kind of opportunity to meet the buyers of Bendel's. However, one of our Nashville members took the bait, used her miles and flew up to NYC. The next few posts detail her adventure. If you want to read it as it happened then scroll down to #1 first. I'm sure there will be more to come of Judith Bright's Bendel's triumph. ... Read More
Henri Bendel Open Call – part 5
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9:29am:So it took all of 3 minutes & I've got a trunkshow!  Whoooohooooo! I'm coming back for accessories circuit & we are doing it Thursday, Friday, Saturday of that week.  (My feet will hate me!)  'm so thrilled that I came up & took the chance!  Xx, jb ... Read More
Henri Bendel Open Call – part 4
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     Hey.  Got really busy chatting with my line mates.  The gals on my right are purse designers.  Awesome- one of a kind hand-painted box purses.  Breathtaking. They've been here twice before in this line so they were letting us know the scoop about what to expect once we got in there.  "You get about a minute & sometimes less."  great, we first-timers think!  The gals to my left are first-timers like me.  They are New Yorkers who have been making jewelry for about 2 years.  They use beautiful vintage filigree findings made or brass & copper with semi-precious stones.  They are mainly hobbyists but definitely have potential.  The line is now around the block from 56th where it begins to... Read More
Henri Bendel Open Call – part 3
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Email #3:Ok.  It's a little after 5am & I'm here.  It's cold but I'm sitting on a ledge & in front of a grate so it's ok!  I've also come prepared with a good wool coat, gloves & earmuffs.  Some people  have been smart enough to bring chairs.  If someone was selling chairs- I'd buy!  Oh, the Glamorous life of a designer!  I just noticed a huge pile of throw up right in front of me - streetside.  It has just garnered a lot of attention from the line dwellers.  Some good guy just went across the street for a trashbag to put on top of it.  More later from the line.xx,jb Here's Judith sitting -- guess she made friends with someone who had brought a chair! ... Read More
Henri Bendel Open Call – part 2
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Suday's email from Judith Bright, 36 hours after deciding to fly up to NYC for the Bendel's Open Call:I'm about to get on the plane. i'll keep you updated by email on my phone tomorrow morning.  I'm going to try to get there at 5am so I can be done as early as possible!  then I'll go cruise some jewelry stores to see what they are carrying. i've worked my bootie off in the last 24 hours and i'm definitely as ready as I can be for  them.  wish me luck!!! ... Read More
Henri Bendel Open Call – part 1
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Last Friday I sent an email to our Inner Circle reminding them that Monday is the Henri Bendel Designer Open Call  -- the day when their buyers will see ANYONE that comes by and check out their line. Many new designers have been discovered over the years with this event. One of our Inner Circle members, Judith Bright, emailed me and said, "I'm flying up to NY tomorrow to get in line for the open call.  What the heck- right?!!" I was impressed she'd use her frequent flyer miles for this! On such short notice. So we decided to blog her adventure for you all. You can read more about this wild event at ... Read More