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Vision Award jewelry design competition deadline coming up
Posted on December 26, 2008
You have till Jan. 15th to come up with an entry in the MJSA 18th annual Vision Awards design competition.Entries must be postmarked by JAN. 15, 2009. For submission guidelines and further information, visit In addition to the overall Professional and Student Awards, the competition features special Distinction Awards that allows recognition of designers using specific materials or technologies in new and creative ways. This year’s featured Distinction categories include: Enamel Distinction, sponsored by Rio Grande Laser Distinction, sponsored by Crafford–LaserStar Technologies Corp. Mokumé-gane Distinction, sponsored by Shining Wave Metals and Reactive Metals Studio Palladium Distinction, sponsored by Hoover & Strong Platinum... Read More
Jewelry makers need recessionary plans to hold on in business
Posted on December 18, 2008
Jewelry makers "are providing more marketing assistance to create interest in their products, switching from 14k gold to mixed metals and sterling silver, and investing in internal systems to—as one put it—“position the company for success when the market turns,” said a report on JCKonline entitled "Recession has Already Hurt Half of the Jewelry Industry Businesses in U.S."JCK polled retailers and manufacturers in November and December  and found  that about half say they've been affected by the economic crisis thus far. You can read the whole survey here  on JCK's website. At this point we're all weary of the bad news and statistics; more importantly is what you decide to do about it. Reports keep saying an upturn... Read More
Artistic Entrepreneurship considered now viable career path, said New York Times
Posted on December 16, 2008
“I am committed to destroying the myth of the starving artist,” stated Larry Thompson president of Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fla., in a New York Times article recently. Thanks to Connie Mettler's blog,,  that alerted me to this article. Students at this school can now major or minor in a program called “The Business of Art and Design.”  Thompson, the school’s president, said he was inspired to create the program when he read about Dan Pink’s book, “A Whole New Mind,” which popularized the notion that artists, especially those who can marry left and right brain skills, the analytical and the creative, will be in high demand in the coming years.Rather than seeing art as something to pursue in the... Read More
How to find the best art fairs and craft shows for jewelry designers?
Posted on December 10, 2008
I get this question a lot -- and we go in to depth on the topic (plus dozens of others) on our website at here's a quick is a great resource for finding detailed, ratings and information on events.  The Harris List lists far fewer than ArtFair Sourcebook but they concentrate on the "top rated" events.Some of the best craft fairs for fine jewelry are:Smithsonian Craft ShowPhiladelphia Museum of Art Craft Crafts America showsParadise City fairsThe Long’s Park Art & Craft FestivalSausalito Art Festival But if you're work isn't of the "top 1% in the country level" then you should cast a wider net than those events. There are plenty more that are good. Search the web for your... Read More
New Silver Promotion Campaign to Capture “Recessionistas”
Posted on December 8, 2008
Just in time to target the rising number of style-conscious "recessionistas," the Silver Institute is rolling out a marketing campaign to promote silver jewelry as a fashionable and affordable choice, reports"The Silver Institute has marketed silver jewelry in the past, but the new Silver Marketing Initiative marks the first time since 2001 that there has been a full-scale effort in place for promoting sterling silver jewelry. It comes at a time when more designers--including some who haven't used the metal in the past--have been playing with the possibilities of sterling. With demand from consumers and retailers rising, according to the Silver Institute, some designers have been crafting edgier pieces with oxidized and blackened... Read More
Yurman, Good, Munsteiner to Teach Master Jewelry Classes @ Revere Academy — Scholarship Contest Offered
Posted on December 4, 2008
The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts has announced the creation of a new all-expenses-paid scholarship for one recipient to attend a master class of their choice at the school's upcoming International Masters Symposium. The April event will mark the Revere Academy's 30th anniversary and features an impressive celebrity lineup, including classes to be taught by David Yurman, Michael Good, Bernd Munsteiner and Kent Raible, among many other notable names.The scholarship, dubbed the Mort Abelson Scholarship in honor of the founder of the JA Show's New Designer Gallery, will provide the recipient with tuition and fees, lodging and air travel expenses from anywhere in the United States to San Francisco.A contest will be held to select one scholarship winner. The contest... Read More
DeBeers Advertises Restraint — evidence #1 of the New Era
Posted on December 3, 2008
Ever since that New Luxury Market webinar mentioned in my previous post I am finding evidence to support Pam Danizger's predictions in every publication I pick up.Here, evidence #1 from Sunday's NY Times, a full page ad from DeBeers:Here's to Less.Our lives are filled with things. We're overwhelmed by possessions we own but do not treasure. Stuff we buy but never love. To be thrown away in weeks rather than passed down for generations.Perhaps it will be different now. Perhaps now is an opportunity to reassess what really matters. After all, if everything you ever bought her disappeared overnight, what would she truly miss?Brilliant, no? A marketing conversation you can adopt for your own treasured work??? ... Read More
Looking Ahead to 2009 and The Post-Recession Luxury Consumer
Posted on December 2, 2008
I attended a great webinar by Pam Danziger of Unity Marketing that covered a recap of the 3rd quarter '08 luxury consumer spending and, more importantly, some predictions for 2009. It was a fascinating report and one that I will be quoting frequently.Unity Marketing "helps companies understand their customers -- their shopping behavior, their needs, designers and mindset." They do this by tracking spending and polling for opinions. And studying demographics and statistics.The overarching commentary about Post-Recessionary luxury consumers is that they are a new breed of consumer who are unlike their predecessors.What that means is: what you did to capture customers last year (or frankly for the last decade) will NOT work next year ... or ever again.Not only has... Read More