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Platinum Guild International USA Strengthens Operations in New York
Posted on December 29, 2009
Platinum Guild International USA (PGI-USA) announced that it will consolidate bi-coastal operations and transfer key executives to New York in early 2010, in a move to focus operations and personnel in one location. PGI USA President, Huw Daniel, and Senior Vice President, Jenny Luker will be re-locating to New York in the New Year – as will Manager of Retail Relations, Kristyn Beausoleil and CFO, Roger Quigley.PGI USA President, Huw Daniel, commented, “By bringing operations into one office, PGI will be better able to serve the growing needs of the platinum jewelry industry."  Daniel noted “platinum is experiencing its lowest premium over gold for many years, making it a great value purchase for the consumer.”PGI also announced the following staff... Read More
Found Great Discounts on Magazine Subscriptions like O, Elle, Vogue and more
Posted on December 23, 2009
We're addicted to magazine here and while the industry is going through great upheaval we're still happy to have our mailbox filled. Most of our favorites have survived the recent downsizings and now we've found a great sale (and a so-so sale) to share with you all.Five Dollar Magazines Subscriptions  at HEARST -- go to for:O, The Oprah Magazine 12 issuesFood Network Magazine 10 issuesGood Housekeeping 12 issuesCountry Living 10 issuesCar and Driver 12 issuesCosmopolitan 12 issuesElle 6 issuesElle Decor 10 issuesEsquire 12 issuesHarper's BAZAAR 12 issuesHouse Beautiful 10 issuesPopular Mechanics 12 issuesRedbook 12 issuesRoad & Track 12 issuesSeventeen 12 issuesSmartMoney ... Read More
Forgotten Market: Older Women –
Posted on December 11, 2009
How old are you?How old do you feel?It seems like most online shopping sites expect you to want to dress like an 18-34 year old regardless of what your drivers' license says. But there are many who think this is bunk -- a 40+ saying if ever I heard one! According to Christina Binkford, fashion writer of the Wall Street Journal, online sellers better get with the boomer program.Are online marketers so youth-conscious -- because it feels right -- that they're ignoring lucrative markets just when they're most needed? The Internet is neither new nor young. The fastest-growing segment of Facebook users is women over 55, according to the Tracking Facebook blog. And the underlying assumption that young people are still the Web's most fertile market doesn't hold up to scrutiny. In... Read More
For fans and hopefuls of Roseark jewelry store
Posted on
Kathy Rose, owner of Roseark in Los Angeles, is a contestant on the new Launch My Line show on Bravo. I watched this weeks' show and had fun tweeting along with other fans during the show.I'm sure cheering her on via Twitter will get you noticed! Just sayin'. ... Read More
Neiman Enlists Designers in Cost-Cutting Plan
Posted on December 10, 2009
Burton Tansky, the 71-year-old rag-trade journeyman who has led Neiman Marcus Group for nearly a decade, is quietly refashioning the upscale department store chain for an age of belt-tightening and less conspicuous consumption, reports Wall Street Journal today. Mr. Tansky, Neiman's chairman and CEO, is pressing suppliers to produce lower-priced versions of designer styles, a stark reversal for a chain long labeled "Needless Markup" by more frugal-minded shoppers. The WSJ article continues: "Neiman "worked with a number of vendors and designers, both in America and Europe, to see if we couldn't create for our customers optional price points," Mr. Tansky said. "We moved as fast as we could for fall" in bringing in the lower-priced... Read More
Facebook, Twitter boost online sales
Posted on December 9, 2009
Social media is starting to make inroads in business. So glad to hear some stats that back up the feeling we who have embraced the digital phenomenon have experienced.I've discovered a lot of new things via other people's posts. The ultimate tell-a-friend network really works. I trust my friends -- I even trust the friends of my friends.This holiday season is the first chance for most retailers to test the selling power of Facebook and Twitter, and one early survey shows the strategy is working, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.A survey conducted Friday through Monday showed that 28 percent of shoppers who have started buying gifts were influenced by social media, according to a report from the research firm comScore Inc. of Reston, Va.Read more:  Facebook, Twitter... Read More
TOWN & COUNTRY has a new look
Posted on December 6, 2009
TOWN & COUNTRY* has a new look,says the magazine industry blogger Meg Weaver on her weekly enewsletter."Starting with the January issue, to shore up their sagging ad pages - 45% year-to-date, they are still going after the woman in her 40s, "but she acts younger and dresses in a youthful way," said editor-in-chief Pamela Fiori.  Inside the magazine, Fiori plans on running more provocative travel pieces (the January issue has a story on Marrakech) and first-person accounts of navigating difficult times in personal and professional relationships.  "The magazine is evolving from old money and moving toward new money," said Fiori.  "These women are totally unafraid of change and what's coming next.  And she's not... Read More
Social Media Matters To Your Jewelry Store
Posted on December 2, 2009
For most of the brief life of the internet there have been three main ways for consumers to find information about your store online:  search (organic), search (paid), and ads (e.g.: banners). Smart retailers have built their websites for organic search, with lots of html text and keywords peppered throughout.  Many have also tested the SEM waters with pay-per-click advertising, and others with online advertising.  All are valuable and should be part of an effort to attract the increasingly important online audience.  But here’s why social media is important, says Dave Hamel on his blog, We Play in Traffic.However, If it’s something you can’t really devote the time or energy to make successful, don’t spend time or energy at the expense of other... Read More
Call for Entries: 500 Silver Jewelry Designs by Lark Books
Posted on November 21, 2009
Lark Books is publishing in a juried collection of international studio jewelry. 500 Silver Jewelry Designs, juried by Talya Baharal, is a 420-page, full color survey of contemporary jewelers prominently featuring silver in their designs. This international collection will be beautifully presented and widely distributed throughout the world.All jewelry forms, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and brooches are welcome. Materials other than silver, such as stones, other metals, or alternative materials, may be included, but silver must be the focus and should occupy roughly 80% of the piece. All design styles are welcome. Jewelers whose work is selected for inclusion will receive full acknowledgment within the book, a complimentary copy, and discounts on the future... Read More
“iMakeJewelry” for the Apple iPhone – a designer app!
Posted on November 19, 2009
We read today on the Business of Craft blog that Crafthaus member Victoria Lansford announces the release of "iMakeJewelry" for the Apple iPhone !Product description:iMakeJewelry is the ultimate app for jewelers and metalsmiths. Use it to check precious metal prices, calculate sheet, wire and wax weights, ring blank lengths, find alloy recipes and information on stones. Use it to calculate weight conversions from wax to metal or silver to gold and convert weight and area measurements from English to metric. Also included are tables for drill bit sizes and B&S gauges. Watch for frequent tips from Victoria more:The Business of Craft: Now your PDA is your most valuable bench assistant !. ... Read More