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Who’s Driving Twitter’s Popularity? Not Teenagers –
Posted on August 27, 2009
Twitter is a mini-typhoon of marketing chatter bringing with it a lot of real and perceived value. I'm getting the hang of it and can see its' potential and other jewelry folk like Michael Schechter of Honora Pearls and Daniel Gordon of Samuel Gordon Jewelers have really captured its power.It starts with a few self-promotional tweets and it can move on to regular communication with key customers or vendors and even twitter-based promotions like tweetups (live meetings amongst twitter fans) and scavenger hunts for your customers with jewelry prizes. There's a lot here - and it could mean good business.Who’s Driving Twitter’s Popularity? Not Teenagers - Another reason that teenagers do not use Twitter may be that their lives tend to revolve around their... Read More
QVC Sterling Designer Preview Event – inperson AND on TV
Posted on August 26, 2009
Guess I never thought about it since I'm too far away but I think it's cool to actually go to QVC to meet the designers and watch the tapings. This Friday is a BIG day for them ... the Sterling Designer Event with so many key designers and the meet and greet is on Friday Aug. 28th at 7:00 to 8:30 PM ET. The shows start with Robert Lee Morris at midnight  --  here's a link to the whole schedule.I hear Robert will be given a very special award by the Silver Institute during his show. I'll be cheering from my couch!The roster of designers includes some of our friends and favorites like the team at Anthony Nak, Elizabeth Rand, Elizabeth Showers, Barbara Bixby, Carolyn Pollack, Seidengang and so many more.Guess I'll be watching QVC all weekend!Go to... Read More
Jewelers to take part in Fashion’s Night Out
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Fashion's Night Out, a five-hour global shopping fest aimed at getting consumers out and purchasing, now counts more than 700 retailers and designers on the event list, and while apparel brands make up the bulk of the participants, the jewelry industry isn't slouching.And it's not just the big players getting in on the action. Along with Cartier, Tiffany, Yurman and Van Cleef are savvy smaller designers who think broadly about their brand exposure.Donna Distefano will debut a new suite of jewelry exclusively featuring fair trade gems and recycled gold. Visitors to her 20th Street atelier will get a chance to hear from fair trade gems expert and former Tiffany and Co. Vice President Marissa Harvey about the intricacies and importance of fair trade initiatives, while enjoying... Read More
Should a designer’s website be written in 1st or 3rd person?
Posted on August 25, 2009
About pages in 1st or 3rd person: A compromise — Art Biz Blog. The 1st person v. 3rd person discussion for About pages on web sites can be a tough one for me to balance with my web design clients since artists’ sites are often light on the amount text they include. Google, an important “target audience” to consider, uses the plain (HTML) text to understand a web site. If an artist’s name appears only in a graphic logo it may be highly beneficial to incorporate the full name into the text on several pages within the site or the site may be invisible to people searching for the artist by name.Read more of Alyson Stanfield's advice. ... Read More
Unemployment Can Lead to Entrepreneurship –
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Interesting Article in NYTimes today about entrepreneurship. Down economies give more people the opportunity to start something of their own.I think it's true that when the status quo is good (at your old job) you just may not have the drive to start your own thing. But when you're kicked out of the nest, so to speak, you learn quickly how well you can fly.Maybe less true for artists? You tell me if you needed to be kicked out of the nest or did you leap? Leave us a comment....Unemployment Can Lead to Entrepreneurship - Others among the unemployed are taking the entrepreneurial route. The most recent Index of Entrepreneurial Activity by the Kauffman Foundation showed a slight uptick of new businesses in 2008 — a full recessionary year — over 2007. An average... Read More
Giveaways: How to do it…successfully
Posted on August 20, 2009
Just found this helpful blog - The Accounting Spot Online. Great for smallish design entrepreneurs - especially those with ecommerce sites.This blog entry gives you a few tips on how to run your own online Giveaways. Great way to pump up some PR and gain new potential customers.Holly also offers great simple accounting tools and templates -- again, best for smaller designers with less precious materials. Bigger/finer jewelry designers will probably need more extensive tracking tools. But these are a great start! ... Read More
Centurion Emerging Designer Awards application extended to Aug. 31
Posted on August 19, 2009
The Centurion Show -- an exclusive hosted fine jewelry event held each year in Tucson -- has extended the application for it's Emerging Designer Awards till Aug. 31st.The Centurion Emerging Designer Awards gives 3 up-and-coming designers the opportunity to introduce themselves at Centurion, in a shared space at the event Jan. 31- Feb. 2, 2010 in Tucson, Arizona.Judging will be done by a panel of established industry designers who will be looking for a balance between creativity, originality, function, production quality, craftsmanship/skill and the ability to sell in high-end stores.Full details and the entry form can be found at: ... Read More
Lawsuits Forced Heidi Klum to Discontinue Her Jewelry Line
Posted on August 11, 2009
Heidi Klum is in search of new licensing deals after her jewelry line folded, says New York Magazine."Unfortunately, I did have a partner who ... maybe wasn't as knowledgeable in terms of setting up a business. I worked five years very hard on that. But we stopped because we had a lawsuit with Van Cleef & Arpels — they wanted to have the clover, even though our designs had never matched, I don't know how may designs I had done in five years, maybe 800 different designs — but they just wanted to own the clover motif. So they went after everyone who does that — Louis Vuitton! — they said, "We own the clover." And I was like, "Then who's the person with the clover and the person with the heart?" I think when you're a small... Read More
Please take our Jewelry Designer Business Survey
Posted on August 3, 2009'd love to have more folks take our survey, "JRB Pulse of the Designer Community Survey, " on what jewelry designers are doing online.... how you're using the tools out there, are you following our tweets, posts and various ways to communicate. And most importantly, what else do you need to succeed and thrive this year?click this link to go to survey: Please tell us! It's a quick and easy survey -- and we'll use the statistics to help you and your peers. Tell your friends, too, if you will be so kind as to forward that link so we can capture as many different perspectives as possible.Here's a sample of the less than a dozen questions... Read More
Designer business tips from our seminar last week
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It was a great joint venture between our company and Collective-E last week... Beth Schoenfeldt and I each moderated a panel and the 50+ attendees were really on their game. The questions were plentiful.Tips from the experts include:Make yourself unique -- we don't need more beautiful jewelry we need more jewelry that has a unique point of view. Sarah Graham has made her name on her blackened metal alloy mixed with yellow and white golds.Be persistent but not a stalker for press and retailers.Pitch appropriately -- don't send funky jewels to bridal mags, nor mega-diamond jewels to Redbook. Don't pitch Lucky if you don't have any national distribution.Court retailers for a while -- they have to cycle people out to let you in so it can take a season or three. Be... Read More