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Everyone’s Doing It: Brands Take on Social Media – Media News –
Posted on September 30, 2009
For fashion companies, 2009 is turning out to be the year of social media. "Once reluctant to cede control, brands and retailers from low to high are embracing social media and using it to boost sales and brand awareness. Having a presence on the top five social sites — Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and YouTube — is de rigueur. The top luxury fashion brands on Facebook in terms of fans are Gucci, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Coach and Prada (although the Prada page is an unofficial one), according to New York University professor of marketing and Red Envelope founder Scott Galloway. Luxury fashion brands with the most Twitter followers are Vuitton, Tory Burch, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior."read more:  Everyone's Doing It: Brands Take on... Read More
Jewelry worn at the 2009 Primetime Emmys – a score card (in progress!)
Posted on September 21, 2009
Not all reports are in but here's what I could find Monday morning after the 2009 Primetime Emmys.Please feel free to add more in the comments area and I'll update the list. Hope I got it all correct; I scoured the 'net this morning using info from and, mostly. The list was later confirmed by a press release for the Platinum Guild which listed 24 stars who wore platinum jewels. Style Expert Michael O'Connor is the platinum star of the Red Carpet.This is the score card thus far ... wish I saw more of my favorite designers but I do understand the hollywood buzz machine. At least we can say that shoulder duster earrings, big cuffs and one large knucklebuster rings were the winners last night. For the "year of the statement... Read More
Social media policies from 80+ organizations — craft yours after reading theirs
Posted on September 20, 2009
Have you thought about what's ok and what's not for your employees to say about you/your company on twitter, facebook, et al? Think they're NOT talking about you?Read other's policies on and then come up with your own:One of the key challenges for modern organizations is to define a social media policy. What’s acceptable? What isn’t? And how should you go about creating such a document for your workplace?read rest of article ... Read More
Jewelers Should Be Efficient With Your Social Networking
Posted on September 16, 2009
  Budget your time wisely -- or risk being ruled by the internet, says Starr Hall, author of Get Connected: The Social Networking Toolkit for Business, available from Entrepreneur Press. In a recent article Hall advises using third party "helper" programs to manage your various social media sites.  For instance, Tweetdeck helps you tie your Twitter updates with your Facebook updates. And Facebook has a little application called Networkedblogs that lets you pull your blog entries into your Facebook page.  Since you need to use more than one social medium -- but NOT that many more, please! -- these helpers are a great timesaver. And just to remind folks we advise that a blog,  Facebook and Twitter are the only ones you... Read More
Our favorite business card vendor is having a sale!
Posted on September 14, 2009
Photos you can use on your jewelry blog without breaking the law…
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Getting serious about blogging? Want to blog about more than your own work? Love fashion so you want to comment on fashion designers and their trends?Read this article on the Fashion Bloggers blog and learn how to find and use other people's images correctly!"Sure there are loads of bloggers who lift images from other sites, but due to copyright infringement laws, they may be breaking the law, and vulnerable to lawsuits. Yuck. So which images can you use? "  Jennine Tamm of Independent Fashion BloggersImage by Digital Sophia ... Read More
Scholarship App Ready to Revere Academy’s Jewelry Masters Symposium 2010
Posted on September 4, 2009
This scholarship honors Mort Abelson, who was instrumental in promoting the American designer jewelry movement. The winner receives all expenses paid (tuition, fees, transportation and lodging) in San Francisco for any class during Revere Academy's annual Masters Symposium, April 2010.To see more about the Masters Symposium classes available, go to Alan Revere and Cindy EdelsteinENTRY DEADLINE: December 1, 2009 11:59 pm (MST)ELIGIBILITY: The contest is open to anyone in the United States and Canada. Jurors will be looking for an individual whose work exemplifies original, innovative, high quality jewelry design.TO APPLY: Online application through (CAFE) at... Read More
Robert Lee Morris awarded for his lifetime achievement in silver jewelry designs
Posted on September 3, 2009
 Silver Marketing International (SMI) has honored Robert Lee Morris with the prestigious “Designer of Distinction” award. Celebrating Morris’ 40 years of unsurpassed artistry in silver and his 11 years as one of QVC’s premier jewelry designers, the award was presented at QVC in West Chester, Pa. on Saturday, August 29th.   The ceremony, which was in conjunction with Morris’ QVC appearance in the Sterling Designer Gallery broadcast was led by Michael C. Barlerin, director of the SMI.   “There could not be a more appropriate recipient of SMI’s inaugural ‘Designer of Distinction’ award than Robert,” Barlerin said. “His work over the years reflects the forefront of jewelry as wearable art.  While Robert has earned... Read More