Archive for 2009 – Twitter Tips By Seasoned Twitter Users To Help You Get Started
Posted on November 15, 2009
Tim Lenahan of points out some great content on a favorite website of  mine, too, Where you can learn all things twitter."I remember when I started learning how to Twitter.  My first reaction was “What in the world is the use of this waste of time?”  Twitter was confusing, a waste of time, and without a point.  It wasn’t until I decided I was going to finally sit down and figure it out that I actually began to “get it,” wrote Tim. "The point is, Twitter can be quite the tool to get your proverbial head around.  When things are tough, it’s nice to have a little help.  It’s for that reason that a blog like comes in handy. shares tips about how to Twitter.  In fact, that’s... Read More
Retailers and Customer Engagement Through Twitter
Posted on November 10, 2009
Macala Wright ( , Crosby Noricks (, Maria Ogneva ( presented a panel at the 140Conf in Los Angeles called “Retailers and Customer Engagement Through Twitter.”Here's some great video from their presentation that will give you a great look at online tools for fashion brands and retailers. Heard of Polyvore? Who does great job? They recommend following: hayden_harnett . CharlotteRusse, dkny (DKNY PR Girl), oscarPRgirl, StellaMccartney, nylanoor, m641. I recommend following: me, of course! JewelryBizGuru and also FashMarketing, JICchicks, cutblog, MSchechter , @abstanfield, @gosmallbiz, @collectivee, @nikolena.Also reccomended to follow are the various fashion media. See the videos on Macala's... Read More
Ranking the digital competency of luxury brands — report by LuxuryLab
Posted on November 9, 2009
Created by Scott Galloway, NYU Stern School of Business professor of marketing, and a team of experts, the Digital IQ Index scores 109 luxury brands in 11 categories including fashion, beauty and skincare, watches, and automobiles. The study, the first and largest of its kind, measures brands on the effectiveness of their digital competence based on criteria including search engine optimization, brand translation, ability to leverage technology, and use of social media. “2009 represented a tipping point concerning the importance of digital competence in the luxury industry,” says Scott Galloway. “While the industry grappled with double-digit revenue declines, traffic to luxury brand sites increased an average of 61 percent. With this study, we’ve devised a metric... Read More
Trademark 101 for designers by Design*Sponge’s biz ladies 09
Posted on November 7, 2009
Most designers are very careful about registering copyrights for their designs. At least most everyone KNOWS they should be very careful. But life gets in the way, you get busy and bogged down and sometimes the registration fee seems just a little too indulgent when you look at your cash flow.But trademarks are very different.  Here's some advice via the design*sponge blog from Amy J. Everhart,  founder of a Nashville, Tennessee, law firm to counsel clients in the creative industries, entrepreneurs, inventors, business owners, and others in the areas of copyright, trademark, entertainment, the arts and the Internet. She is the author of the copyright, trademark, and entertainment law blog “Lightbulb Moments,” located at... Read More
Luxury Retailers Report Sales Increases
Posted on November 6, 2009
Read today in the New York Times: Of all the retailers hurt by the recession, no group has been pummeled as badly as luxury chains. For months, high-end stores have posted double-digit declines, even as other types of retailers have begun clawing their way toward sales gains.But new numbers released Thursday show that some of the nation’s upscale chains came back from the dead in the weeks before Halloween.After months of double-digit declines, Saks, the luxury department store chain, also posted a refreshing number: a 0.7 percent sales increase. The chain, a purveyor of $600 shoes and $2,000 suits, said in a news release that it had “relative strength” in some of its merchandise categories, like women’s designer sportswear, outerwear, jewelry, accessories, and in its... Read More
Forrester Expecting Online Holiday Sales to Increase 8%
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While overall retail sales are expected to remain flat or down slightly this holiday shopping season, Forrester Research predicts online retail sales in the U.S. will reach $44.7 billion. That’s an 8% increase over the 2008 holiday shopping season, reports defines the holiday shopping season as the months of November and December.“Despite the lingering effects of the recession, the online space remains the retail industry’s growth engine,” Sucharita Mulpuru, vice president/principal analyst for Forrester Research, said in a release. “What’s different this holiday from past years is that online retailers will manage to the bottom line, which will change some of the tactics they have employed in the past.”According to the new... Read More
15 Reasons Why Consumers Will Leave Your eCommerce Site
Posted on November 5, 2009
How often do you visit a website and find something cute or useful you'd like to buy? And after some clicking you change your mind?Ever wonder what you (or your web designer) did on your site that has people not go all the way?Here's a great checklist of reasons why folks do not complete their buying process; from odd linguistics to complicated systems there's a lot of ways to turn off someone who finds something they like on your site. ... Read More
101 Ways to Promote a New Blog
Posted on November 4, 2009
In case you can't think of something... here's a great helper!101 Ways to Promote a New Blog.And of course, now you'll know when I run out of fresh content, too!Blogging is a great way to refresh the search engines with your name and to connect with your social media. It's also a good exercise to work out another part of your brain; visual artists can use the mental workout sometimes! ... Read More
Tungsten Wedding Rings: Jewelry Designer Scott Kay Denounces Misleading Advertising Methods & Introduces bioBlu27 alloy
Posted on November 2, 2009
Scott Kay introduced his new SK Cobalt line to the trade press yesterday by way of educating folks on how it came to be. He helped develop a new metal alloy that answers a need in the marketplace for affordable wedding rings that is superior to tungsten carbide --the cost effective darling of the bridal business for the past few years that is promoted as lasting, strong and durable yet shatters easily. See photo below of a wedding ring dropped on a marble tile.He is very passionate for our industry and full disclosure and not misleading the public --  these videos show his heartstrong debate of the use and promotion of tungsten. He's not against the material only it's use as wedding rings ("sacred" rings that are promoted as durable and lifetime... Read More
Scenes from designLAB at the JA NY Special Delivery trade show for Jewelers
Posted on October 29, 2009
The JA NY Special Delivery show is a unique event -- it's timed for last minute stock for the jewelry retailers. Exhibitors bring specials, deals, overstocks and regular merchandise to entice folks at this time of year. Each year it has gotten stronger and this year there was true crowds on day one. Unfortunately it's not the day I had my camera in hand plus access to the skyboxes over the show floor for a good shot. I got requests for an overview photo so I'm posting it even though it doesn't well represent the buyer attendance.  This was the second show where JA showcased designers in my newly invented trade show concept -- designLAB. A group booth for jewelry designers that gives each a small display space, shared resources and an open layout. Buyers... Read More