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How to get your jewelry featured on Daily Candy
Posted on March 23, 2009
There's a lot we know about Daily Candy -- the editors are fun and fashionable, the service is free and not tainted by advertising and the site is wildly popular and drives sales . There is also a lot we don't know much about including phone numbers and great ways to pitch these fabulous editors. Until now -- Sabina Ptacin of Collective-E and Red Branch PR has written a great primer on her blog.     "First let's talk about what Daily Candy looks for:  they are looking for cool, unique, and more or less undiscovered and new products, websites, locations, and at times events.  If you're product has been featured all over tv, the web, or in several major magazines, the likelihood of you getting into Daily Candy is slim to... Read More
Barneys’ Spring Orders to Be Held Until Financing Proves Less Sketchy
Posted on March 21, 2009
Read on"Last month we learned that factors had stopped approving Barneys' spring orders until the store had provided certain information on financing to prove that they, well, had it. One such factor sent a letter to vendors and designers yesterday explaining they are being "led to believe [Barneys owner] Istithmar is going to support Barneys. But until we see actual details, projections and have an opportunity to review and discuss, we are holding/declining orders." Funny he says that, because Istithmar chief David Jackson has called some of their requests "unwarranted."    Read rest of story on New York Magazine online.... ... Read More
Why take bad jewelry photography?
Posted on March 13, 2009
This is the question I've been asking at least 3x an hour for the past three days.I have been jurying the next Lark 500 jewelry book -- this one celebrates gemstone jewels. So I've reviewed nearly 3,000 images and it left me lightheaded with glee. So much great jewelry by so many great designers.But......I have also seen more than my fair share of bad photography. We've had lots of conversations about this in the past 3 days. The fabulous Lark Jewelry Team of Marthe LeVan and Gavin Young (book publishing rock stars!) has seen many, many juries and they concur -- this is the biggest blunder. I'm truly saddened by bad photos. They mean well but they just fail so miserably.Here's a summary of the sad things I saw in order of annoyance:#1 ~ Poor... Read More
Jewelry scribe Penny Proddow passes away
Posted on March 2, 2009
I was so very sad to read today online that Penny Proddow, a prolific jewelry author and InStyle magazine contributing watch and jewelry editor, has passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer. She was 65.She was so sweet and really had such a genuine appreciation for the artists and artistry of jewelry. I have many memories of seeing her at  industry parties, judging events and  lectures where I was genuinely impressed by her passion, compassion and sweetness. She really had a soft spot for designers and a fascination for great gems.During her life, Proddow was an endearing and authoritative voice for the industry. In addition to producing numerous spreads for InStyle over her 13-year tenure with the magazine, Proddow was responsible for penning a number of... Read More
World Gold Council is Looking for Great Gold Designs to Promote this Year
Posted on February 25, 2009
The World Gold Council creates a Look Book each year for retailers and press that is filled with great new designs for the new year. For the past few years they've opened up this great opportunity to all by inviting all gold designers and manufacturers to send in a small collection to be considered for their promotional uses. They call it the Blue Ribbon Panel.Tomorrow is the deadline for an application to submit your work to be considered for their Look Book, Trend Reports, trade show displays and more.Contact: Duvall O'Steen at World Gold Council, to get a form. Or email me at -- I've got the form, too. ... Read More
“We Need to Shrink the Supply and Create the Demand” says Diane Von Furstenberg
Posted on February 24, 2009
Wisdom or fashion foolishness? You decide.Ms. von Furstenberg added that "last season’s woes were caused in part by a glut of inventory. For Fall 2009, she said she dropped some stores from carrying her line, although she declined to name specifics. 'What we need to do is shrink the supply and create the demand. It’s as simple as that.”This quote was in a recent Wall Street Journal article on the recent Fall Fashion Shows entitled "Fall 2009: Designing During a Downturn."“Optimism, optimism, optimism. It’s crazy to think that things are going to to stay the way they are,” Mr. Kneen , Creative Director of Banana Republic,  added. “But if you don’t change with them, then you’re not going to be around.” ... Read More
globalDESIGN 09 – great jewelry designers + great retailers = beauty for all
Posted on February 23, 2009
Get the Right Perspective
Posted on February 21, 2009
I'm sitting at my desk, reviewing the100+ jpgs that are the entries for a design competition. That's how it goes now with some competitions and many juries, we're not all in a room reviewing slides but sitting at our own offices reviewing a CD. I assume everyone has entered their best design from the past 12 months -- that's usually the first criteria of entering a design competition. When you can enter just 1 or 2 designs - I assume they are what you're most proud of and feel can best compete against your peers' best designs.So why am I seeing so many bad photographs? And some work that is truly redundant? Why put forth in lousy form something you consider your best art?Why enter something that is so common -- do they not know better? Do they not read... Read More
globalDESIGN showcase of exceptional jewels this weekend in Philly – a reason for retailers to visit
Posted on February 10, 2009
We all know this is an historic year -- and what worked before may never work again. Granted. But the gallery market is still a flexible, creative, vibrant and eclectic world for jewelry designers. We invite all retailers to come visit us at the PA Convention Center -- 12th and Arch St. -- from Friday to Sunday. Our 18 jewelry designers will give you great ideas on how to entice your customers to shop this season. Beautiful jewels, every pricepoint and a unique point-of-view can be had at globalDESIGN, the showcase of exceptional jewels.Mosaic bracelet by Stephanie Albertson; dark and light silver suite by Gurhan.   ... Read More
Calling all colored-stone jewelry designs
Posted on
National Jeweler magazine will be honoring the most exciting and unique colored-stone jewelry designs in the February installment of its 2009 Best of Marketing and Design Contest.Entries can be submitted at by following a simple registration process (and $50 fee) and uploading the appropriate media files.All colored-stone jewelry submissions will be judged during the first week in March by a panel of industry experts, including Victoria Gomelsky of Couture International Jeweler, Amanda Gizzi of the Jewelry Information Center and Lorraine DePasque of National Jeweler. Winners will be prominently featured in National Jeweler magazine and on its Web site,"The Best of Program allows us to highlight the truly innovative design... Read More