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Value, Values, and Enduring Design NYC Conference this week
Posted on November 30, 2010
I'm looking forward to exploring ideas about "Value, Values, and Enduring Design" this week at the NYC Conference of that name from Thursday, December 2 – Saturday, December 4, 2010. The organizers have brought together more than two dozen experts and leaders in fashion and jewelry to  address the questions of what do we value in fashion and design? The rare? The classic? Or the new, the sometimes painful “bleeding edge?” Do we value that which is eco-sensitive or the beautiful-but-scarce? Do we value a maker’s history of integrity, a corporate commitment to quality, a dedication to a tradition of craft? Or do we prize an object or garment irrespective of who made it or what went into creating it?Fashion is ephemeral and of the moment, but at the... Read More
Scenes from the Lux Bond & Green trunk show with Just Jules, Suzy Landa & Pamela Froman
Posted on November 16, 2010
This is our first curated trunk show with three designers we showcase on The store is beautiful, the staff is great and the customers have been wonderful.Nice way to spend a sunny Friday. See the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from JewelryBizGuru's posterous ... Read More
Suzy Landa showing off her latest jewels at the Lux Bond & Green Westport trunk show
Posted on November 15, 2010
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KC Designs was so busy at JA show with these big diamond rings
Posted on October 26, 2010
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More from AGTA Spectrum Award Editor’s Day
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Scenes from 2010 AGTA Spectrum Awards
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It was challenging to get good iPhone photos in the late afternoon light so if you want a good look at a lot of the winners see the AGTA Facebook page. Overall there was such great quality designs ... My lasting impressions were that there was a lot of fine gems, very few moonstones which made me sad since I love them so much, ditto labradorite which has been so trendy of late, big centerstone rings, some colored pave but less than a year or two ago... And more than a few outrageously expensive jewels that reminded me of the good old days! Overall, a great collection and I saw a lot of press taking notes. Also good to see. Pave diamond monkey brooch was one of the friendliest entries! This pearl ring is just perfect for someone -- bold and dramatic. Intense gem... Read More
Notes from Retail Camp: The Future Of Social Commerce
Posted on October 16, 2010
Wish I was able to attend this great seminar -- here's the highlights of the conversation from my point-of-view. See all points at What  Being “Social” Does For Fashion1.  Commerce is based on a consumer (people) driven economy; with retail, social is the underlying fabric, technology has facilitated that the two merge. With social commerce, personalization is key in this world now. Social media plays a big part in this. 3.  Consumers justify price with personalization. Brands can accomplish social successes through one-on-one connection with customers; it is imperative. By simply responding to a tweet, brands can easy do this.5. Companies shouldn’t allow one employee to become a Twitter star; give a brand’s Twitter... Read More
Neiman Marcus adds flash sales
Posted on October 13, 2010
It's all the rage and it seems no one will be left behind in the flash sale phenomenon. Neiman Marcus has added a flash sale -- called Midday Dash -- to it's retail mix via eblasts to loyal customers and available for just a few short hours. Read my recent blog post on the whole phenomenon if you want to see and understand all the players: reports: In the future, flash sales and email promotions to dedicated shoppers will likely become a staple of luxury brands online, because of their need to make shopping entertaining. Efforts such as Neiman Marcus’ sale on Friday are an attempt at innovation and a way to generate excitement. “This is eBay-ing it, if you will, and a lot of brands have adopted it online,” Mr. Pedraza, CEO of Luxury... Read More
Great idea for an odd problem — She said “it was in the box”
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Have you ever had a client say, upon receiving your shipment, "that ring wasn't in the box." It happens. Particularly when you ship an order to a wholesale account and there are many items to the order. And then they claim one wasn't included. You know you added it so the error must be in their unpacking. How to prove the mistake wasn't in the shipping but in the receiving? The best advice we'd gotten is do what the big boys do and have a video camera in your shipping room. But what if you aren't that big? And don't have a designated room? We came across this wearable video camera and thought that this would be a great use for jewelers. Just put the camera on your ear as you (or staff) pack your shipments to guarantee what you've put into... Read More
Location-Based Networks Are Changing Fashion Marketing in 2010
Posted on October 12, 2010
Things are moving fast and many fashion houses are experimenting with new ways of reaching, and embracing, their customers.  Location-based networks like Foursquare and Gowalla have been used to launch new products, reward visitors and drive traffic to new stores. Facebook is popular for new launches as well as brand campaigns -- Marc Jacobs' new fragrance Bang got it's own facebook application and encouraged people to "bang" their friends to win prizes. Read more of these new tricks and tools on's blog post: How the Web Is Changing Fashion Marketing in 2010. ... Read More