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Let Your Fans Shop Without Leaving Facebook
Posted on April 15, 2010
I'm fascinated by this recent INC magazine article about shopping via Facebook.Let's face it -- there are just so many ways a consumer can buy now but there are even more coming. It's easy to do when you know and trust the brand. So most designer's first steps is to get known and trusted. NOT TO SELL like Ron Popeil! Social networking is just that .... NETWORKING!As Michael Schector of Honora recently wrote on the GenNextJewelers blog: "The best – and most effective – social media programs aren’t based on promotions and message distribution. Instead, they revolve around removing friction and uncertainty for potential or current customers. It’s about marketing sideways, not marketing head-on."Social media is for engagement -- and of course, that hopefully leads to... Read More
New website brings crowd sourcing to fashion
Posted on April 7, 2010
Can this work in jewelry, too?According to a Reuters report today, "An Internet startup called Fashion Stake launching in coming weeks aims to shake up the fashion industry, just as peer-to-peer file sharing changed the music industry."Fashion Stake will allow customers to directly fund fashion designers by browsing on-line collections and buying a stake in a collection in return for credits to buy clothes. Patrons can also share ideas with designers and vote on collections.The model, inspired by Internet-based social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, taps into a growing business model called crowd sourcing where entrepreneurs go directly to customers for content, funding, and distribution.Daniel Gulati, the firm's chief executive and a student at Harvard... Read More
Great magazine deals! Two years for price of one – O Oprah Mag, Town & Country, Bazaar and more
Posted on April 1, 2010
I recently took advantage of this great offer -- and wanted to share! Town & Country (2-year) $10 O, The Oprah Magazine (2-year) 18 Marie Claire (2-year) $8 Harper's Bazaar (2-year) $8 Hurry -- the sale is only on for the month of April! Click the image above! ... Read More