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David Tishbi Adds Multi-Colored Spinner Rings and Bright Gemstones for Spring 2010
Posted on May 31, 2010
2010 is the Year of Silver as many designers seek to make affordable jewels that will keep the customers coming into their favorite jewelry stores. Designer David Tishbi has always favored silver for his iconic, organic designs and this year he's added even more texture, colored metal accents and more attention-getting gemstones.JCK Magazine featured the "simple but chic" lemon quartz charm ring from the Candy Collection in their April Issue. Yellows and greens are quite popular this year. In the May issue, the meditation spinner rings from the Eternity Collection were described as "perfect for any occasion from anniversary to wedding or just the perfect gift!" The addition of rose and yellow gold and the blackened roller-pressed design in the... Read More
Twitter Meter – Memo to Merchandisers
Posted on May 18, 2010
Tim Malone, blogger recently asked "What's Your Twitter Meter?"How should jewelry managers and marketers evaluate Twitter as a marketing tool? Is a massive following of Twitters of value to jewelry marketers? Isn’t there power in numbers and shouldn’t marketers try to build a large following?Jewelry marketers should focus on increasing audience responsiveness rather than trying to put emphasis on the follower count. How often can jewelry marketers get Twitter followers to mention their company, brand and product offerings to their reference groups of family and friends? That’s the key metric for Twitter performance.Read the whole post here: Twitter Meter - Memo to Merchandisers | Blog on.I'm a fan of quality over quantity -- and I agree, the more engagement... Read More
Are We Being “Out-Smarted” By QVC?
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When you make a sale do you also make a friend? Or at least feel as you did?Rob Bates of JCK magazine suggests reading the recent article in The Atlantic has an interesting article on the “Genius of QVC.” What most interested him was:… The model is less a sales pitch than a coffee klatch where friends trade tips on hot new products. “They tell you over and over,” the spokesperson said, “you’re having a conversation with the host.”Are We Being "Out-Smarted" By QVC? - Cutting Remarks | Blog on. ... Read More
World Gold Council’s Blue Ribbon Panel Features Many of our Favorite Designers
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The esteemed 2010 World Gold Council juried collection is called "Revelations in Gold: Elegant and Innovative Gold Jewelry Design." It was selected by a Blue Ribbon panel of industry experts as being the very best of what is new in the gold jewelry category.I think it's fantastic exposure for any gold designer -- even if you don't get chosen look at the beautiful presentation and exposure to so many editors, bloggers and industry VIPs.This is just another one of those industry events that you can take advantage of and get the exposure you crave. And the cost is right -- this event had no barrier to entry.So next year -- get in on this! And send your best mini-collection. It's worth the trouble.Many of our favorite designers were chosen to be part of the... Read More
WJA and Marie Claire Magazine throw a Wonderful Spring Fling
Posted on May 14, 2010
Great event tonight for the Womens Jewelry Assoc. metro chapter -- hosted by Marie Claire magazine. See and download the full gallery on posterousThe panel was Joanna Coles,editor in Chief of Marie Claire interviewing Alexis Maybank the founder of The big takeaways were that this leader in flash sales learned early on that they can't exist just on original model of overstocks. Brands make fresh merchandise to meet a discount pricepoint. Also, great design trumps brand name often; they track sales take longer the higher the ticketprice indicating that women give it more thought and log back in later to pull the trigger and 4% of sales are generated by iPhone/ipad on weekdays which jumps to 10% on weekends. Great insights by Marie Claire staff include the... Read More
Call for Applications 2011 American Craft Council Shows
Posted on May 13, 2010
Deadline: July 25, 2010 The ACC is now accepting applications for the 2011 American Craft Council Shows season. It’s an opportunity to exhibit and sell your handmade work across the country to thousands of craft buyers, collectors and enthusiasts. Gain national exposure and join a community of makers who have been juried into these prestigious events. If you produce original and handmade work in basketry, ceramics, clothing and accessories, decorative fiber, furniture and lighting, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper, stone or wood, apply today! Download a full show prospectus and apply online. ... Read More
“B-List Baubles” – A Compendium of recent Celebu-jewels
Posted on May 10, 2010
"Lately, celebrities have been launching their own jewelry lines faster than you can say B-list baubles," says Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times Fashion Critic."And even though stars drape themselves in millions of dollars worth of fine diamonds when they walk the red carpet, when it's time to get down to business, they are more likely to go the bargain route." Here's Booth's cheat sheet on the newest lines.Read her Review of these lines: The line: LowLuv Costume by Erin Wasson The look: Venice boardwalk meets museum shopThe line: Kardashian sisters for Virgins, Saints & Angels The look: Byzantine boudoirThe line: Melania by Melania Trump for QVC The look: Younger wifeThe line: One Kiss by Cindy Crawford for J.C. Penney The look: Malibu momFor... Read More
How to Disable Other Websites from Accessing Your Facebook Profile (aka Instant Personalization)
Posted on May 8, 2010
by Katie Hellmuth Martin  on Facebook is committed to enhancing the social experience online, which is currently helping many local businesses. Therefore, they have teamed up with partner websites like Pandora, Yelp and Microsoft Docs to share what you are doing on those websites with your friends on Facebook. They call this "Instant Personalization". When Facebook rolled this out, they automatically included your account to be accepting of this, so have set your account to an "opt-in" mode. Facebook explains that in order to share this information, you would need to click on a Like button on the partner website. However, as pointed out by Mashable, the tool is on by default, so if you don't click a "No Thanks" button, the information you transmitted... Read More
The 5 new features on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that PR pros need to understand | Cision Blog
Posted on May 7, 2010
Jay Krall of CsionBlog points out 5 great new features -- I want to focus on the first two since they're most useful for the casual social marketer in our business:If you feel like you’d pay closer attention to the ongoing evolution of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, if only you had the time, this post is for you. The triumvirate of key social networks in the U.S. has been hard at work rolling out new features over the past month. Here’s the executive summary, with links to insightful blog posts about each innovation. 1. Promoted Tweets. Twitter stirred up a lot of media coverage a few weeks ago when it introduced its first serious attempt at generating revenue in the form of “Promoted Tweets”, which allow companies to sponsor their tweets... Read More
Surprising Statistics About Twitter in America from Social Media Today
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A comprehensive survey (1,753 respondents) released today by Edison Research (a division of Arbitron), paints a fascinating picture of Twitter and its role in America’s social media ecosystem, reports Jason Baer on The full 49-page study is full of interesting graphs and data morsels, but these are the 7 findings that Jason didn’t anticipate:1. Twitter is Ubiquitous Like Terrell Owens, Carrie Underwood, and Coke Zero, Twitter is almost universally on the radar of Americans. 87% of respondents had heard of Twitter, compared to 88% who had heard of Facebook. (Note that the survey population was 12 and up, including a representative portion of seniors). Thus, we can safely assume that with the exception of Amish, prisoners, and sea creatures, the... Read More