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Favorite Oscar 2012 Jewelry Looks on the Red Carpet
Posted on February 27, 2012
 It's our favorite sport -- Red Carpet live tweeting while we swoon or curse from the jewelry choices. Sure, most women look for the clothes but for us - it's the rocks. Or lack of them that keeps me going all night. This year's Red Carpet had enough to keep me going -- and of course there were enough naked necks to make me mad. But here are some of our favorite looks. I tried to find more, really I did. Hats off to for always having the photos and credits super fast. We clipped most of these images from him -- with much thanks and total props.       My Favorite look for it's brazen fun of it all ... Busy Philipps chose these Irene Neuwirth boulder opal earrings for her fun on the red carpet supporting her pal Michelle Williams. I... Read More
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It’s Fall Fashion Week and Jewelry Designers Need to Pay Attention to the Trends
Posted on February 12, 2012
  On a recent webinar hosted by the Couture show, Michelle Orman of Last Word Communications interviewed Marion Fasel, Jewelry Editor of INSTYLE magazine and asked her advice for jewelry designers. The most important point was to pay attention to the fashion trends -- that rule the fashion magazines -- so that you can pitch your jewelry with relevancy. When the clothes of the season have an Art Deco reference you can be sure that I'll be searching for some Art Deco-inspired jewels, she said. After the webinar I was talking with a designer who lives far from NYC and has been making great jewelry for 20 years. "I don't design to trends but I do want to get more press so maybe I'll try and make some things that fit into some trends," she msued. "But how the heck do I... Read More
designerDAY 2012 Video Shares the Comraderie & Fun
Posted on February 10, 2012
We wanted to share the fun that folks have with us at our designerDAY annual conference. This is where designers network and build new relationships with other designers -- nothing like sharing woes and coups with other folks who know exactly what you're going through, right? The slate of experts this year will teach so many new skills -- just what designers need to increase their sales and decrease their stress.... Read More
The sea of excited faces is my favorite sight!
designerDAY: Business Conference for Jewelry Designers set for March 12th
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designerDAY: Business Conference for Jewelry Designers is one of my favorite days of the year. It's a full day of education dedicated to designers who run their own businesses. It's the one day of the year when it's ok for them to NOT think about their jewelry but to focus on their BUSINESS. All year long I field questions and dole out advice -- there's so much to learn when running your own design'preneur business and there's not a lot of formal resources. And this day is when I can aggregate those questions and answers and present them to a wide audience. So our day fills in a lot of gaps for a lot of folks. This year's slate of speakers is an awesome collective of marketing and business expertise. Every year I try and outdo last year's roster -- and this is no exception.... Read More
Welcome to My New Blog — finally one place for news, views and everything designer business related
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I love blogging. Really, I do. But you couldn't have told that from my frequency in the past six months! We were designing and redesigning this blog for way too many months so I put off blogging in my old format due to inertia.... it happens. I would scold a client for doing what I did but sometimes I'm just that kind of marketing coach -- "Do as I say, not as I do." But finally, here we are and I couldn't be happier. Our team created a great blog and we've tried to put everything under the hood that we could to help you motor down the designer jewelry business highway faster and more efficiently. This is going to be a big year for us -- we've got A LOT of new projects and events planned for designers. And finally you've got one place to find them all. HERE! So please... Read More