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Engagement101 is Holding a Bridal Ring Competition — Deadlines Sept. 21st
Posted on September 19, 2012
Engagement 101, a bridal website ( and magazine,  is hosting their 2012 bridal jewelry awards.The deadline is September 21st. How to Enter Your Rings : You can enter in up to four categories (listed below) and you may enter one ring per category.Submit ring images in .jpeg format and send to by September 21st. Their Jewelry Award committee will narrow down the selection to 8 per category and then Engagement 101 fans and visitors will then vote for their favorites. Engagement 101’s 2012 Bridal Jewelry Awards categories are: 1- Classic Engagement Ring 2- Vintage Engagement Ring 3- Modern Engagement Ring 4- Fancy Shape Engagement Ring 5- Floral Engagement Ring 6- Color Engagement Ring 7- Woman’s Wedding Band 8- Men’s... Read More
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Scholarship Competition to Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts is Open
Posted on September 18, 2012
[caption id="attachment_2954" align="alignright" width="247" caption="Goldsmith Alice Abrams has been working since the mid-50s and is deeply committed to the art of jewelry and metalsmithing. Years ago, she heard that I had started a scholarship fund and just sent me a check -- she wanted to help a young designer and education is the best way, she said."][/caption]It must be clear by now, even to the most casual observer, that I love helping designers. I have done so many different projects, events, services and more to use my talents to help further yours. For many years we had been raising funds  -- mostly with charity auctions and some donations -- and building our fund in a Community Trust and now we've initiated the process of distributing the funds in the form of... Read More
"Moonlight & Caviar" by Adam Neeley, Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry Inc.. First-place winner, Professional Excellence.
MJSA Vision Awards Call for Entries
Posted on September 16, 2012
[caption id="attachment_2894" align="alignright" width="208" caption=""Moonlight & Caviar" by Adam Neeley, Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry Inc.. First-place winner, Professional Excellence."][/caption]  Call for Entries: The 2013 MJSA Vision Awards Competition Is Open Click here to view the 2013 Entry Guidelines.  Every year, the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) celebrates outstanding talent in the field of jewelry design with their MJSA Vision Awards competition. The winning designers and students represent the future of the jewelry manufacturing industry--and the Vision Awards competition showcases their creativity and boosts their careers, says MJSA.   2013 Vision Award Categories The competition provides designers with... Read More
designerbiztalk with: Joanne Teichman of Ylang23
Posted on September 14, 2012
Joanne Teichman, owner of the amazing Dallas store Ylang23  is our first webinar guest.                                  Sept. 20th at 3pm EST Click here to reserve your spot   Ylang23 is one of the most sought-after stores by designers of all kinds. The Dallas jewelry emporium, and it's sister website, carries an amazing array of fine jewelry designers and Joanne is known for being one of designer jewelry's most ardant fans. Joanne is a keen trend tracker and can spot new talent at 50 paces so how does she do it? How does she curate her store so that everyone wants to shop there and every designers wants to be in there. We will find out in our webinar when I can ask the questions you're probably dying to ask. Some of my questions... Read More
Missing Fashion Week? Catch it on Your Phone via
Posted on September 10, 2012 is the fashion site from the editors at Condé Nast. You can follow the runway shows with only a short time delay thanks to the editors and photographers who never sleep! No more excuses for jewelry designers to be out of touch with fashion -- if you're not in NYC and not on "the cutting edge" you can still be in time to make your Spring 2013 collection relevant to what will be happening in fashion. Our trends turn slower and less often but the key colors, key necklines and what accessories 7th Avenue is showing on the runway today will all be of use to you next year. Relevance is always important to your salesmanship.... Read More
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Pantone Says We’re in a Monaco Blue Mood for Spring 2013
Posted on September 7, 2012
  As Spring 2013 Fashion Week begins the Pantone Color Institute, the color authority, has announced the top colors of Spring. And we're going to be feeling the blues... Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue to be exact. Both are subdued shades of blue which are "practical purchases for any wardrobe ... that can be easily blended into consumer's existing wardrobe," said Leatrice Eisman, Pantone's Executive Director in today's WWD. The next two most popular colors -- according to how many designers have used these shades in their Spring collections -- are also somewhat dusky greens that are jewel tones of Emerald and Greyed Jade. Safe seems to be the mood, no? The punches of color will come from Poppy Red, African Violet, Lemon Zest and Nectarine. Personally, I'm looking... Read More
September Specials for the Back-to-School Enthusiasm
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Does the first week of September evoke any emotions in you? It does for me. It always fills me with optimism and a renewed spirit; of course, I know I'm not going back to school but still ... I can't help feeling the urge for new pens and notebooks. Fresh beginnings. And in that spirit we're having our September Sale. We want you to have new tools and a fresh perspective as you move into that all-important 4th quarter. Just be sure to take note of the awesome super bonus we're offering!         SPECIAL #1 Our Designer CEO event brought in experts who shared the big secrets to success for design'preneurs. They showed us the best practices in sales, branding and business management that any designer can adopt for greater success. We captured all... Read More
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Join Me at the MJSA Designer ConFAB in NYC on Oct. 14th
Posted on September 6, 2012
Top Ten Reasons Why You Should conFab on Sunday October 14th in NYC.  "Confab" is short for "confabulate," which means to "chat" or "confer." And at the MJSA conFab, you'll be able to do all that and more.    The folks at MJSA have created a Top Ten list of reasons why you need to mark Oct. 14 as conFab Day. Personally, I think spending the day with me is reason enough but they did come up with 10 more reasons, too. 10. To hear the laugh of Andrea Hill, rumored to have once made a Buckingham Palace guard grin, interspersed between insights into strategic planning, marketing, branding, and just plain how to run an amazing business. 9. To watch Arthur "Price Point" Skuratowicz and Gary "Profit Margin" Dawson go head to head in our version of "The Price Is Right" game... Read More
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WJA Dazzle Diva Design Competition Deadlines Sept. 21
Posted on September 4, 2012
The Women’s Jewelry Association DIVA Design Competition deadline is looming. Entries are due by Sept. 21st.   NEW for 2012!  The DIVA Design Competition is now a sponsored division of the AGTA Spectrum Awards in addition to the WJA-judged contest that has always been. Women now have double the opportunity to be a DIVA winner! To enter either contest or both of them, designers will need to fill out separate application forms for each, and pay separate application fees. DEADLINE: September 21st Application is available HERE   THEMES & DETAILS: Division 1 ~ GEM DIVA - actual jewel entries sponsored by the American Gem Trade Association as a category within their annual Spectrum Design Awards. To enter the AGTA's competition, called GEM DIVA,... Read More
Editors spent the morning looking at jewelry and trying it on and taking lots of photos for use sometime later in their stories. That's the purpose of these events -- relaxed editorial planning.
The Press Preview at the Fragments Showroom Gives Editors a Visual Treat and Access to Amazing Jewels
Posted on September 1, 2012
 The annual Fragments Press Breakfast is always a great event -- a lovely breakfast with lovely folks looking at lovely jewels. What a better way to start a day.   Fragments showroom began 28 years ago out of a love for jewelry and a  passion for jewelry designers. Janet Goldman has been finding new designers and bringing them to a very wide roster of boutiques, department stores and other stores. She has been their cheerleader, their mother bear and their friend for nearly 3 decades.   And it's been our delight to share in her pride and her passion for jewelry.   The Press Event is the chance for the publicity team, led by the fantastic Danielle Gadi (wish I had a photo of her) to show off the dozens of designers to dozens of editors, bloggers and writers of all... Read More