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designerDAY 2013 Features Speakers, Learning Stations & a Swap-n-Shop
Posted on February 6, 2013
designerDAY 2013 is ready to roll -- we're so excited for this year's line up of speakers and for the two new features we've added.  The theme is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and we're tacking some of the most troublesome issues plagueing design'preneurs this year. First -- we'll have a session by Belinda Pruyne of Business Innovation Group about finding your ISP -- innovative Selling Proposition. Belinda is a business coach who has worked with a lot of artists and creative businesses and she's expert at helping you articulate what makes you and your jewelry unique. Next we delve into the issue of appraisals and what happens when a customer brings your jewelry to an appraiser who isn't famiilar with your work or the designer concept and appraises it for basic scrap costs. And your... Read More