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DesignerBizNews 4/27/12
Posted on April 27, 2013
Designer-centric News & Views 4/27/12         JEWELRY INDUSTRY: Online sales tax gains more momentum. Will likely be voted on by the Senate on April 24. You and your customers will be affected.  [via JCK] Artisans of handmade goods interested in participating in the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair at the historic Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station in NYC  should submit applications online by June 14. [via JCK] Gold prices fell last week -- jewelers are happy [JCK] after it took a plunge on April 15th [via JCK] after a new low on April 12th [via JCK] ... want to read all that the industry has been saying about this? Check out Rob Bates' blog [via JCK]. New showroom by Andrea Hansen and Courtney Cohen offers more services to help... Read More
Jennifer Dawes presenting at the 2012 Future of Design finale
How to Make a Great Presentation to Sell Yourself (and Sell Your Jewelry)
Posted on April 8, 2013
  At the finale to the Future of Design Business Incubator Contest the three finaists have to make a presentation. They are given some guidelines like "you should include up to 3 minutes of background (where you've come from/what you've done) and then the rest is a look forward: How you plan to build your company, what you think your challenges will be, and how you plan to overcome them. We want to gain a strong sense of you as business managers, planners, and leaders." For many this was their first time on a stage and certainly their first time making such a public pitch. For many it was also the first time using Powerpoint! Presentations take many forms -- to a prospective buyer (often the bigger the store the bigger the presentation) or an editor or perhaps even... Read More