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Instagram video and photos can now be seen elsewhere
Instagram Adds Shareabiltiy – Great News for Brand Building
Posted on July 15, 2013
This is great news for all us photo lovers. The best thing about instagram is telling your [life] story in images. And of course, for jewelry folks you tell your product's story in instantly compelling ways, too, on an app that attracts so many likeminded souls. It's fun. It's quick. It's engaging. And now you can go beyond Instagram. The L.A.Times Tech Writer, Jessica Guynn, breaks it down easily for you: A new share button will let you embed your Instagram videos and photos anywhere (except Twitter, naturally). And, of course, marketers can use this handy new button, too, a key selling point as Instagram looks to conquer the world of visual social sharing and start building a moneymaking business. How it works: When you visit an Instagram photo or video page on your... Read More
Made in America Labeling Conundrum Meets Good Wordsmithing
Posted on July 4, 2013
In case you haven't felt the growing heat of our industry's ire at the FTC's Country of Origin Labeling let me be the first to tell you.. it's hot. Manufacturers are quite upset that they are not allowed to label the jewelry they make here on our shores as "Made in America." But there's no sense in arguing and debating whether this should be so because the FTC says it IS so. So we have to get creative with our copywriting skills. We need good wordsmithing. As Peggy Jo Donahue of MJSA said recently on a Linkedin MJSA discussion forum: "The FTC has a guideline related to "Made in the USA" that affects all manufacturing industries in general, not just ours. For a product to be advertised or marked as simply "Made in the USA", the FTC says that all or virtually all of its... Read More