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Designers are Finding Success at The Winter JA NY Show
Posted on November 25, 2013
I truly believe that trade shows are one of your best marketing tools -- otherwise, I wouldn't work with the trade show producers that I work with -- but you've got to work them. And work them hard. That means pre- and post-show mailings and calls and a lot of good salesmanship during the show. The JA NY Show has had quite the turn around in recent years due to a dramatic redesign and a modern marketing campaign. Retailers have been impressed and they're coming back to the show in stronger numbers than recent years. Especially for the Winter show. I was just reviewing the registration list from last year and I'm thrilled to see buyers from big retailers like, Neiman Marcus and HauteLook and from more design-centric independants, too. I love seeing boutique... Read More
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Lessons in Design’preneurship by a Host of Experts
Posted on November 11, 2013
Earlier this year I took part in a panel discussion for a delegation of jewelry designers from Quebec interested in growing their business in the US marketplace. Thank goodness our organizer, Lilian Raji of the Lilian Raji Agency had it taped so that other designers can benefit from our collective wisdom. The panel included Randi Molofsky (journalist and currently VP of marketing for Gemfields), Meeling Wong (consultant to many top designer firms), Theresa Poirer (Sales Director of Fragments), Victoria Gomelsky (editor-in-chief of JCK magazine) and Karen Lee (for St. DuPont). So get ready to take some notes! ... Read More
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Outsourcing Your Photoshop to Get Your Images to Float
Posted on November 10, 2013
We've been talking a lot lately about photography and how important it is to your overall marketing message. You know you should use only professional photos but sometimes your photographer shoots on a gradient background or "interesting" background or even uses white paper that doesn't truly seem white enough. Anybody with photoshop skills can delete the background of a photo -- if you do it yourself you can expect to spend .5 to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the jewel and if you hire someone to do it you'll get a wide range of quotes by the hour or per picture. But you have many more resources than your local photographer or graphic designer. The most cost-effective way is to use an outsourcing company from overseas. You can find a graphic designer or admin... Read More