About Cindy


I began my career as an an editor at JCK Magazine — the industry’s #1 trade magazine — and it was my years as Fashion Editor that gave me the opportunity to fall in love with jewelry designers.

I founded Jeweler’s Resource Bureau in 1991 with one goal and one goal only to support the growth of designer fine jewelry as a retail category, an artform and a community.

I have spent the past twenty years helping jewelry designers gain market intelligence and exposure and aiding the industry in sourcing fine jewelry designers.

 Our company, Jeweler’s Resource Bureau LLC, is an umbrella marketing firm that allows me to create many different businesses, projects and resources all aimed at helping designers grow and prosper.

As you click through this blog you’ll find links at the top menu to all our various events, products and projects. My partner Frank Stankus and I use our creative talents to further those of fine jewelers across the globe. We have created trade shows, books, conferences, educational products and more from our unique vantage point at the intersection of the fine jewelry, fine craft and fine accessories worlds.

We believe in partnerships and we believe in the jewelry industry as a whole so we work with some of the best entities in our realm to help designers. I’m a consultant to the Emerald Expo Jewelry Group (produces the Couture and JA NY trade shows), contributor to INSTORE magazine and our designerDAY Business Conference is often held in conjunction with MJSA while our globalDESIGN Showcase of International Jewelers is held in concert with the Buyer’s Market of American Craft.

I’m often thought of as the Go-To gal when it comes to understanding how the industry and designers can work together. Hence my online persona as the JewelryBizGuru connecting with designers, retailers and industry folks via twitter, facebook and this eponymous blog.

My consulting has taken me to several continents and into the offices, and sometimes homes, of some of the most interesting designers working today. I’ve worked with groups of designers from Ireland, Brazil and Pakistan in addition to addressing countless audiences of American designers and retailers with the goal of helping each person move forward in their business ventures with a bit more clarity and a lot more insight.

How can I help you?



~ Community Choice Honoree, 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards, produced by Small Business

~ New York Women’s Agenda (NYWA) annual Galaxy Award 2004, honors Women of the Future from more than 20 different industries

~ Women’s Jewelry Association / Midwest Chapter’s 20th Anniversary Hall of Fame award, 2003

~ Women’s Jewelry Association’s Award for Excellence in Marketing, 2001

~ The Contemporary Design Group’s High Achievement Award, Designer Advocate, 1996

~ The American Jewelry Design Council’s BENNE Award, 1995

~ Women’s Jewelry Association’s Award for Excellence in Editorial, 1990



~ 3D Precious Metal Printing Challenge, the first design competition for precious metal printing
    sponsored by Stuller, Gemvision, A3DM Technologies and Cooksongold, 2014

~ AGTA Spectrum Awards, 2012

~ Alpha Awards XVIII, Fashion Group Foundation of New Orleans, 2003

~ American Vision Award, Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America, 2011 ~ 2001

~ Enterprise Ireland Design Award in Dublin, Enterprise Ireland Trade Show, 2001

~ JA Jewel Award, Jewelers of America, 1991, 1990, 1989

~ Jewelry Arts Awards, Lapidary Journal, 2003

~ Johnson Mathey Sustainable Design Awards, 2011

~ Niche Awards, The Rosen Group 2006, 1997

~ Ponte d’Oro, Vicenza Trade Fair Board, 1995

~ Saul Bell Award, Rio Grande, 2007

~ Silver Search Party for Silver Institute, 2011-2009

~ World Gold Council Blue Ribbon Panel, 2011 – 2007

~ Women’s Jewelry Association’s DAZZLE DIVA Competition 2015

~ World Titanium Award, World Titanium Council, 2004, 2003, 2002




• Co-author with partner Frank Stankus of “Brilliance! The Art of the American Jewelry Design Council” ~
2009, Lark Books
• Curator of “500 Gemstone Jewels” ~ 2010, Lark Books
• Contributor to “21st Century Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series” ~ 2011, Lark Books


Cindy’s articles have appeared in:
AJM magazine
Aspen Magazine
Gems & Gemology
Gift Reporter
Jewelry Connoisseur
Lapidary Journal
National Jeweler
New Jersey Goodlife
New York Magazine
Professional Jeweler
Wild Blue Yonder (Frontier Airlines inflight magazine columnist)