Cindy’s Biography

If you need to quote Cindy’s bio here’s the official version:


Cindy Edelstein is an award-winning entrepreneur who has made it her mission to support the growth of designer fine jewelry as a retail category, an art form, and a community. It is a micro-niche but one she has dedicated her whole career to supporting. 

Cindy is an author, speaker, consultant and owner of Jeweler’s Resource Bureau, an umbrella marketing firm specializing in helping designers grow and prosper with unique trade events, publications, seminars and the industry’s first Project Runway-like Business Incubator Contest called Future of Design. 

She also founded  scholarship fund that shares the name of Future of Design but has no connection to the contest. The fund offers college-aged design students monies to further their education.

She works with big organizations, as well as small, helping them understand the designer community. She helps trade shows, membership organizations and even foreign export entities work with the designer world. Her social media profile spans the worlds of design, manufacturing and retail across the fine jewelry, fine accessory and fine craft industries.

She is the co-author with her husband Frank Stankus, of the book “Brilliance: The Art of the American Jewelry Design Council” and together they produce an annual designer business conference, a specialty trade show called globalDESIGN and an online marketing intelligence community for designers.

Cindy often speaks at design schools, industry gatherings and conferences to help design professionals understand more about entrepreneurship. She is a passionate communicator and creative problem solver and many in the jewelry world avail themselves of her expertise every day. Thus proving her social media handle of @JewelryBizGuru is an apt moniker.

As a business coach she offers insights not found anywhere else to a population rarely addressed in our industry. She’s a champion of the entrepreneurial artist which she has dubbed design’preneurs.