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Here’s what folks are saying about us.


“Cindy is a natural born leader and enabler. Her emotional intelligence soars off the charts as witnessed by how many people have been supported by her alone, on a gut personal level. She has already won this accolade many times over as far as I am concerned.”   ~ Robert Lee Morris


 “Cindy is, by far, the most passionate advocate for jewelry designers working in the U.S. market today. Her commitment is real, enduring, and long standing. I have been an admirer for as long as she has been in business. She deserves this award, and many others.” ~ Peggy Jo Donahue, Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America


“Cindy has been a champion of jewelry designers in every capacity. The large household names to the small indy designers. Her passion has helped our industry in innumerable ways. She has my vote and support for anything she believes in!”  ~ Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Design, CA


“Cindy is doing a great job at demystifying the business of designer jewelry and encouraging new designers and “designpreneurs.” The industry is a better place for her participation!” ~ Laurie Cavanaugh, designer


 “Cindy’s devotion and passion to help designers new and old grow their business is nothing short of inspirational.”  ~ Robert May, previous Director of the Natural Colored Diamond Association


 “WOW! You’re a rock star. Just got your latest eblast. I can’t believe how smoothly you innovate, engineer and put things together, creating something new and valuable for so many.”  ~ Alan Revere, Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, San Francisco



About the JRB Network:

“Both Cindy and Frank are absolutely amazing to work with. With their combined knowledge, skills, and patience they have helped me to realize many important goals in the jewelry industry. They are real people with real answers and have the respect and experience that I as a designer, maker and President trust and rely on. Their love of what they do is evident in all that they do, and is greatly appreciated.” ~ Todd Reed, Todd Reed, Inc., Boulder, CO


“JRB is a fantastic and unique resource for jewelry designers. It’s the only thing out there that really addresses our questions & concerns. I really look forward to receiving the e-blasts & reading the informative articles designed for members only. If you want to become a serious jewelry designer, JRB is a must subscription.”         ~ Judith Bright, Judith Bright Designs


“JRB has pioneered the field of designer jewelry support. I recommend JRB without hesitation to all my students and friends who want professional information on marketing their jewelry.” ~ Alan Revere, Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, San Francisco


“Wow. What a complete package! I wish this was around for the first decade of my career! I think that the information is being edited down and organized in a way that will save loads of time. We all need information at our finger tips and more time on our hands.” ~ Amy Levine, Amy L. Levine Designs, NY


“You have helped create greater awareness of the jewelry design movement in America, and GIA, of course, wants to reflect the industry it represents. This, your session became magical in many respects, and a great hit to all participants.” ~ William Boyajian, former president, Gemological Institute of America


“The design community is lucky to have Cindy & Frank! Their knowledge of the design community is unsurpassed.” ~ Geri Bondanza, Michael Bondanza Inc., NYC


“From our early forays into the jewelry world until now, we have referred to and relied on the resources of the JRB. The mailing lists gave us a leg up in figuring out who to contact; the Planning guide provided invaluable information as to which shows and media were appropriate to us; the Sourcebook led us to the right vendors; the seminars gave us our first inkling as to how to present ourselves to the public; private consulting helped us through a challenging period in our development; the Seminars helped us learn the ropes. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the invaluable contribution of the JRB. The globalDESIGNshow is an important gathering of some of the world’s most significant designers, which attracts a great group of truly pre-qualified buyers seeking high-quality, original jewelry design.” ~ Fiona Tilley, Gurhan, NYC


“I have found Cindy Edelstein and Frank Stankus, not only incredibly helpful and friendly at all times but highly efficient and a consistent fount of reliable knowledge in the last 7 years since we first met. Thank you.” ~ Christianne Douglas, Coleman Douglas Pearls, London


“I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Cindy Edelstein during professional trade shows. The first was at MJSA in NYC. It was the last day of running around, answering thousands (ok, it seemed like thousands) of questions and I finally came upon Cindy. She was gracious, offered me a seat and we sat and chatted like we had known each other for years. Her professionalism, her commitment to the jewelry community and her unwavering support of the industry is astounding. Cindy this is a kind offer and one that Orchidians should have. It’s that useful little book that I rely on for sources and phone numbers. This book lets my fingers jog a short stint, rather than walk a mile.” ~ Karen Christians, M E T A L W E R X




“Attending your seminar “Tips from the Trenches: Secrets of Building a Successful Designer Jewelry Business” was an invaluable part of the MJSA show for me. As a brand new designer, your seminar helped me realize that I was making several major mistakes that would cost me dearly in the future, not only financially but also emotionally. After our first business consultation today, I now have a new agenda and focus to help fix my mistakes and recover from them. I am extremely grateful (and indeed blessed) for your expert advice and guidance that moved me into action today. Thank you.” ~ Kim Arpaia, Arpaia Jewelry, CT


“It was a pleasure to listen to someone who is at once articulate, enthusiastic and thorough. I was surprised by how much more I learned than I thought I would. I left feeling fully charged for the tasks ahead.”~ Diane Diengott Vargo, Dikra Gem, Inc., NYC


“I went to your presentation at FIT and I enjoyed it to the last minute. I know it sounds selfish but I didn’t want it to finish. You were fabulous, clear, broad and really helpful and pleasant. Thanks from my part for it.”            ~ Anta Anjof, NYC


“Thank you so much for a fascinating, very informative and ever so lively class.” ~ Nathalie Der Caloosdian, Alwand Vahan, Mamaroneck, NY


“I want to thank you for the superb seminar that you put on for us at MetalKitchen. At the point in my business, I feel what you taught puts me ahead of the game and I have your knowledge to thank for that.”          ~ Michael Rafkind, Michael David Designs, NYC


“Am ever grateful for the valuable knowledge I gained at the marketing byDESIGN” seminar at MetalKitchen. Your presentation and visuals gave me a wealth of information that I have been using as guidelines in developing my business.” ~ Tess Labrador, NYC


“I want to thank you for all the information you shared with us during your seminar. I think every industry should have you lecture on politeness and business manners. The world would be a better place!” ~ DeDe Sullivan, NYC


“Thank you for presenting marketing byDESIGN” all of your help and advice was invaluable.” ~ Deborah Blohm, NY


“So grateful for the quality and extent of materials in this class.” ~ Jane Reyo




 “I always learn an incredible amount at your events.” ~ Mary Esses, NYC


“Speaking of killer, Designer Day was worth every penny for my flight. Next year I’ll know to book in advance! You’re terrific.” ~ Cynthia Glidden, Portland, ME


“As a new jewelry designer, working with the Jeweler’s Resource is like having a mentor in the jewelry business. Cindy Edelstein is THE person to go to for direction and referrals on the best of anything and anyone in this business, including publicity, trade shows and suppliers.I attended Designer Day for the first time last year, and I plan on attending every year. The information I took away from the speakers and the one on one consulting sessions gave me invaluable insights on promoting and selling my line that has helped grow my business. Too bad that its only once a year, but luckily there’s the Designerjewelrybiz website, which is a great forum for communicating with other jewelry designers for finding suppliers, getting the real info on shows and customers, solving problems, and sometimes just for a good laugh.” ~ Dana Melnick, DANA DAVID, NJ


“WOW!!!! Designer Day 05 was outstanding!! I can not thank you enough for putting that together! The talent you put together was great! Thank you! Thank you!” ~ Killian Reider, Chamilla Inc., NYC


“I want to thank you for all the time and effort you expended to create the informative and inspiring conferences that you set up this past weekend. I really enjoyed participating and feel that I learned some important skills, information and tips that will be very useful going forward. Attending industry seminars like the ones that you have created is supportive on many levels and leave me feeling as if I am part of a community and not just out there on my own. I appreciate your kindness, sense of humor and of course your company.”    ~ JoAnne Mulhall, NYC


“Thank you for a successful Designer Day. We really enjoyed the day and have learned important information from the successful designers. Also, thank you for all the hard work you do for all of us so we can have things easier to face.” ~ Victoria Tse, Christian Tse Designs, Los Angeles, CA


“I want to say a big Thank You for the educational two days in NYC. I thoroughly enjoyed both the WJA conference as well as the Designer Day conference. Both days were full of great speakers, education, and valuable networking. I really appreciate all of your work in helping aspiring designers to succeed. It is obvious that you are well known and respected within the industry. Your hard work and desire to assist others in the field with your knowledge and connections shows your true character. Ali-O Jewelry Designs has benefited greatly from your website and now the conferences. We look forward to working with you in the future to continue to grow our business, and can’t wait for next year’s conferences!! Again, thank you for all of your hard work and generosity in assisting designers such as myself from all over the country!!” ~ Ali Osborne, Ali-O Jewelry Designs


“Thanks once again for the exciting day at FIT (Designer Day). The day flew and so did the information. It sure was great and I can not wait for the next time. You truly did a wonderful job planning the day.” ~ Henry Elfering, NYC


“It was such a help, and I’ve already started incorporating some of your suggestions into my plans & In general I thought the show a great success, and it’s amazing how quickly I’ve been able to use the great tips your speakers and consultants contributed.” ~ Stacey Lorinczi, Lorinczi Jewelry


“I wanted to personally thank you for your part in organizing Designer Day at FIT. I came away excited and stimulated by the days events. I feel this is such an important way for people from all facets of the industry to connect with one another outside of the context (and pressures) of a trade show. Also, it is a wonderful way for less established designers to have access to the big names in the industry. I really appreciated the information that was presented and came away feeling that the presenters were relaxed and open to sharing themselves and their experiences.”~ Judith Fitzpatrick, Judith Yvonne Designs, Bloomfield Hills, MI


“Before I attended your Designer Day, I was literally a MESS. I was drowning in work, totally burned-out&.just ready to give up. Have been doing EVERYTHING myself these past 2 1/2 years and it was killing me. The seminar was so enlightening, restored my faith and gave me a lot of hope. I also got the book E Myth, at your suggestion. Chapter one summed up everything I was going through. Realized that what I was going through was normal gave me my sanity back and am on the road to a better year this year. Keep shining that light!”     ~ Tess Labrador, NYC





“Cindy knows and is respected by everyone in the jewelry industry. She is my call whenever I have a questions about sales, competitions, strategy or just need advice on how to set my daily priorities. She has guided me since I started my company and continues to direct me through the intricacies of the industry.” ~ Walter Chefitz, Walt Adler Jewelry, NYC



“The time we spent was very life-altering for us. We were clueless and you opened our eyes. Thank you so much for the help. I’ve thought a lot about you since then and I feel very grateful for your support.”  ~ Michelle Krespi, Krespi Studio, Oakland, CA


 “Cindy, thanks for spending a few minutes with me at globalDESIGN. It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and your time was really appreciated. I have already heard from 2 of the artists I met at your show and want to congratulate you on your continued efforts to help talented people reach their potential. Thanks again.”  ~ Susan Eisen, Susan Eisen, El Paso, TX


“It was great to get to meet you finally! Your enthusiasm for the jewelry industry is contagious. It’s always a pleasure to find kindred souls.” ~ Jennifer Jiunta, Atlanta, GA


“Thank you so much for taking the time to lead my mentor session at the Philadelphia Buyer’s Market! I appreciate your exceptional advice, especially as it relates to narrowing the scope of my design. It can be difficult to get good, solid advice sometimes because many of the people I speak to have biases, predispositions, or inexperience in the fine jewelry market. What sets you apart is your ability to be objective and your vast experience in the designer jewelry market. Our discussion clarified so many of the questions I had and gave me a real sense of direction in design and my sales/marketing approach. The Bruce Baker CDs have also been helpful. I realize the importance of following through with the information I received. I am determined to do just that. Again, I want like to express my sincere gratitude for all your help.” ~ Jonathan McKinney,Teme Inc., NM




“Thanks to the Designer’s Annual Planner I have a picture of one of my rings in the October issue of JCK! Thanks to the JRB, I’m beginning to peek out from my little studio into the world of jewelry marketing and production on a much bigger scale. So keep up the good work,. I really need your guidance and I gobble up everything you have to offer. Thank you! Thank you!” ~ Tamara Smith


“I got my [Designer’s Annual Planning] Guide and I love it!love it! love it! Well worth every dime. I spent two days reading it cover to cover and then the next day calling every contact I felt was right for me. I think it will prove to be hugely helpful when planning my year.” ~ t.lee, tleegold, Minneapolis


“My name is Susan Beallor. I am a goldsmith and designer. Thank you so much for your hard work in bringing all this important information to those of us sitting in our studios working hard but needing information to grow our business. Your articles really hit home. Thanks so much.” ~ Susan Beallor


“We have long been a big fan of the Jewelers Resource Bureau. We have been using their resource book for about 5 years now. We find it to be an invaluable tool. We also renew every year because there is always new information that we need to know. It is tailor made for the designers focusing on any and all information that is important to this particular group. And no one knows this information better than the Jewelers Resouce Bureau. We have also used there services for a mail list. We used this list to focus a mailing before our JCK show. We found it to be a great list of names that handle designer jewelry. Because of their years in the industry, working so closely with the designers and truly understanding their needs, the consulting that we have done with them has been of great value. The information that we have received is clear, direct and right on target.  We appreciate what Jewelers Resource Bureau has done for us personally and on a business level.” ~ Nancy & Mark Schneider, Mark Schneider Design, CA


“The Jeweler’s Resource role as the designer’s advocate in a very competitive industry has been very helpful in directing additional opportunities and notice to designer jewelers. This has been of tremendous benefit in helping to increase our brand recognition within the industry and has resulted in additional growth to our business.” ~ Dominique Cohen, Dominique Cohen Inc., Los Angeles


“As we, as a company, are not considered designers, though we have several, and I’m (we) not part of your milieu, I have been, impressed over the years with your advocacy for the designer community. You provide a wonderful and needed service to these artists and artisans. Keep up the very valuable work.” ~ Nancy Brewer, Nancy B. & Co., Los Angeles




“We purchased the mailing list of stores that sell work made by designer jewelers, and mailed out our catalog to every single one of them. We got a great response, including picking what has become our largest and most important wholesale customer. Buying the list turned out to be our best spent marketing money ever.” ~ Marc Choyt, Reflective Images, Inc.


“About the mailing list. Several stores called and requested line sheets after receiving my postcard from your list. Quite a few buyers came to my booth in Phily because they got the card. So it definitely worked! The mailing definitely worked thanks to your hard work maintaining the mailing list of jewelry stores. I’ll definitely order again for the next big show.” ~ Shahasp Valentine, San Francisco




“Hot Sheet has been good for the Michael Daniels Collection! Our new rings were among the designs that, thanks to Hot Sheet, were featured in Instore magazine’s Infront section, January 2004. Even before we were aware of our appearance there, we were getting phone calls. Two months later, prospective buyers continue to call us, and four new stores are in the process of opening our line. Indeed, we discovered Instore through Hot Sheet and are finding it an important resource for our business. A little added benefit: Seeing us in Instore, two other magazines have asked for our press packet, for possible editorial coverage in the future. Overall, from that one Hot Sheet placement, we have gotten more attention from stores that can actually sell our Mokume than we have from all our other magazine advertising to date.” ~ Sallie Reynolds, Marketing Director, Michael Daniels, OR




“There exists no better champion of jewelry designers, and no one more informed, experienced, and passionate about the industry than Jewelers Resource Bureau. This is a must-have subscription to one-stop shopping for invaluable news, information, advice, and resources.: ~ Suzy Landa, Suzy Landa Designs, NYC


“Recently, I had the good fortune of having my designs become part of an extremely ‘newsworthy’ event. Subsequently, I spent many hours researching the process of creating and distributing press releases, gathering information from the internet, seeking advice from journalists, and hiring a freelance writer. I worked very hard to get the story out, and wasn’t satisfied that the results of my efforts were worth the tremendous investment in time and energy I had made. Having explored and used all of the resources I could pull together, I contacted Cindy Edelstein of JewelersResource.com to get Cindy’s advice about what I could do to better publicize the story. The same day Cindy e-mailed me a pre-release copy of her new Jewelers Resource Public Relations e-book in PDF form. The e-book is absolutely terrific! In 28 pages Cindy’s E-book leaves the smoke and mirrors behind, and lays out the entire process of creating a start to finish “Do it yourself” PR campaign in a way that completely empowers the reader with rock solid advice, and real information. The amount, and quality of information Cindy has packed into this guide is nothing short of astounding! If you are a designer and have a story to tell, you probably have three choices. You can do it yourself the hard way. You can pay a fortune to consultants. Or, for less than $20, you can buy Cindy Edelstein’s e-book.: ~ Michael Rogers, MM Rogers, NM


“JewelersResource.com is THE ‘go to’ destination for jewelry designers! Industry powerhouses Cindy Edelstein, and Frank Stankus have created the most comprehensive and indispensable collection of tools available anywhere!” ~ Mike Rogers, M.M. Rogers, Alburquerque, NM


“Cindy provides an infinitely valuable resource for jewelry designers. She’s got a three pronged approach to helping designers get the business advice they need. Her email-posting board gives designers the opportunity to chat and bounce ideas off of others all across the world. Her lectures are a platform to engage and inform new and long-standing jewelers of great, innovative marketing ideas. And, last but not least, her website provides resources that make pursuing a career in jewelry design a lot less daunting. I feel so fortunate to have found her when I did, because she’s given me such great advice and assistance in my growing business.”     ~ Jessica Fields, Jessica Fields Designs, NYC