Business Coaching  for Jewelry Designers

I have worked with hundreds of designers in my career and that lends me a perspective not found anywhere else. I can brainstorm and plan with you like no one else — covering product development, line extensions, trade shows, PR, marketing strategy, sales skills and more.

Consultations will give you that dose of perspective you’re looking for while regular coaching sessions are there to keep the ball rolling and keep you on track.

Email me at for information and availability; I’d love to work with you.



 “Both Cindy and Frank are absolutely amazing to work with. With their combined knowledge, skills, and patience they have helped me to realize many important goals in the jewelry industry. They are real people with real answers and have the respect and experience that I as a designer, maker and President trust and rely on. Their love of what they do is evident in all that they do, and is greatly appreciated.” ~ Todd Reed, Todd Reed, Inc., Boulder, CO


“Every time I walk away from a coaching session with Cindy Edelstein, my mind feels like it’s going to explode with new ideas and insights about my business.  Cindy has a keen awareness about the designer jewelry industry and a sharp business mind that cuts through the clutter to answers that are clear and attainable.  Her help and opinions have been an invaluable asset to me and my company over the years.”    ~ Jennifer Dawes, Dawes Design, Santa Rosa, CA


I’ve worked with Cindy several times over the past ten years. Each time we consult I feel I’m connecting with someone who has my interests at heart, who uses her extensive knowledge, industry contacts and professional expertise to bring about opportunities and suggest new ways of approaching new markets. I’ve found her service excellent, generous with her time and most importantly each piece of information is tailored to the specific questions you ask. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any designer seeking insight into the American market.  ~ Des Doyle, Des Doyle Goldsmith, Kilkenny, Ireland


“JRB has pioneered the field of designer jewelry support. I recommend JRB without hesitation to all my students and friends who want professional information on marketing their jewelry.” ~ Alan Revere, Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, San Francisco


“From our early forays into the jewelry world until now, we have referred to and relied on the resources of the JRB. The mailing lists gave us a leg up in figuring out who to contact; the Planning guide provided invaluable information as to which shows and media were appropriate to us; the Sourcebook led us to the right vendors; the seminars gave us our first inkling as to how to present ourselves to the public; private consulting helped us through a challenging period in our development; the Seminars helped us learn the ropes. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the invaluable contribution of the JRB. The globalDESIGNshow is an important gathering of some of the world’s most significant designers, which attracts a great group of truly pre-qualified buyers seeking high-quality, original jewelry design.” ~ Fiona Tilley, Gurhan, NYC


“Cindy knows and is respected by everyone in the jewelry industry. She is my call whenever I have a questions about sales, competitions, strategy or just need advice on how to set my daily priorities. She has guided me since I started my company and continues to direct me through the intricacies of the industry.” ~ Walt Chefitz, Walt Adler Jewelry, NYC


“Cindy is a fantastic adviser and guru to small business owners; she has been infinitely helpful to me and to many of my colleagues in the jewelry industry!” ~ Alexandra Essex, Alexandra Essex Exquisite Jewels



Corporate and Institutional Consults

Oftentimes, companies and promotional organizations want to work with designers but lack the perspective needed to understand the length and breadth of this sector of the industry. I have helped many organizations — from trade show producers to government entities — build programs and initiatives that truly meet the needs of designers and “speak their language.”

I’ve been called the connecting link between industry and designer and I’m always happy to help connect more links for the right entities. Please email me at if you’d like to discuss a project.