JRB Inner Circle Membership

The economy is challenging. Designers from all over the planet are competing for the same customers you are, and schools are churning out hundreds if not thousands of design graduates every year. How can you possibly make a living as a jewelry designer with those odds against you?

By taking care of business. You need to take advantage of every edge you can get. You need every piece of relevant jewelry business intelligence you can get your hands on, whether it’s about trade shows, design trends, magazines, blogs, contests, conferences, industry initiatives — in short everything that might affect jewelry designers.

So, how can you do all that, and still have time for your bench work?

By joining the JRB Inner Circle. Once on board, you get the information you need to succeed, delivered in a timely fashion along with a host of services tailored specifically to jewelry designers. You will be able to log on 24 hours of any day and find the latest information to help you compete with the thousands of other designers out there battling for every store’s business.

You’ll be alerted to opportunites — calls from magazine editors for jewelry to use in photo shoots, extensions of contest deadlines, etc. — before they are released to the general designer public. And from time to time, you’ll be privy to industry information that is available exclusively to our members. For a great example of how getting timely information can pay off, check out this entryin Cindy’s blog.

You’ll get discounts on our products and services, including our mailing lists and one-on-one counseling with me.

You’ll get access to boatloads of timely information and jewelry marketing education, which may be the most critical component to your success. This feature alone could save you enough money — or help you generate enough new money — to pay for your Inner Circle membership.

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