Retailer List Rentals

How Big is Your Mailing List?


Want to sell more? Prospect more!

We’ve built the only database in the industry that represents the designer jewelry universe.

We know who sells designer jewelry — whether it’s a jewelry store, chain, department store, specialty store, gallery, cruise ship or even a shoe store!

If they can sell fine designer jewelry that retails for $200 to $20,000 — we know them!

Best of all, it is available to you for a very reasonable price.


Direct Mail is the best way to get exposure to your target audience

We know who those targets are and we want to help you reach them. Download a Mail List Rental Form here

Our lists contains the names, addresses, phone and other pertinent information of over 2,600 fine jewelry outlets in the United States.



How We Build Our List

Our research entails mining websites, consumer ads, trade magazines, and even the use of confidential client data from some of the best designers working today, and is continually updated and kept fresh. Our database is mature (we’ve been doing this for ten years!) we keep comments, complaints and kudo’s on file too so we can better “know” a prospect.

We have our own ranking system, too. Our Designer Index # is our own ranking of how popular a store is with the designer market based on research.

We have spent hundreds of hours researching, compiling and updating data — so you don’t have to!

We can slice and dice the data any way you want — by city, state, zip, national territory, market segment or designer count. Using our hand-picked list, you can more accurately target your direct mail sales and find new customers.



Prospecting for new customers?

You could hit the road and pay a visit to as many jewelry stores and other shops as you can afford to, or have a rep do it for you.

You could sit in a booth at a trade show and hope, like fishermen in a boat, that passing buyers will take an interest in your goods.

You could spend your entire inheritance taking out multi-page ads in both trade and consumer magazines.

Or, you could call us and have a custom prospecting list in 24 hours.



It’s reasonably priced and simple to use.

Only 25¢ per contact. You ship your mailing — and we ship the labels — to a bonded mail house which combines the two, adds the postage and sends the whole lot on its way.

Rent the list for an economical one-time-use only for .25¢ per contact. Want to run a campaign? Buy the list for $1 per contact.

So remove the element of uncertainty from your client files. Reach new customers. Use the only designer-retailer list with a proven pedigree: the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau’s Designer Retail Resource List.

Click here to download a self-explanatory order form or call 914-738-8485 today to place an order or to just ask for more details. We’d be happy to oblige.