Can you Give an Award TO an Award? Johnson Matthey’s Sustainable Design Awards Deserve Recognition

Posted on March 30, 2011

Kudo’s to Johnson Matthey NY; not only did they run a terrific design competition with their first Sustainable Awards but their choice of award has got to be one of the coolest ever.

The three winners of the JMNY Sustainable Awards were handed a custom engraved EcoSphere to mark the accomplishment. In keeping with the theme of the contest the glass EcoSphere contains:

“active micro-organisms, small shrimp, algae and bacteria, each existing in filtered sea water. Because the EcoSphere is a self-sustaining ecosystem, you never have to feed the life within. Simply provide your EcoSphere with a source of indirect natural or artificial light and enjoy this aesthetic blend of art and science, beauty and balance.

Because the living organisms within the EcoSphere utilize their resources without overpopulating or contaminating their environment, the EcoSphere requires virtually no maintenance.”


Ecosphere JD


Now on to the awards.

The winners are (From left to right:  Stephanie Satow of SCS Jewelry in Colorado Springs, Colo.,; Erik Stewart of Erik Stewart Jewelry in Tucson, Ariz. and Jason Dow of Jason Dow Jewelry in Honolulu.


Winners March 2011

JMNY created the awards to give emerging designers the materials and opportunity to realize their designs in platinum.

Mark Danks, Sales & Marketing Manager for JMNY said, “We’ve been saying for some time that sustainability is not just about the environment, and that other elements are as important, such as working with a community. We really want to tip the balacne back towards platinum from cheaper alternatives, so by starting with the newest people in the industry, we hope to play our part in sustaining the design and manufacture of platinum jewelry in North America.”


Stephanie Satow’s ring:   
  1 Stephanie Satow-046


Erik Stewart’s ring:

2 Erik Stewart-015


Jason Dow’s ring:
2jason Dow-015

5 JohnsonMatthey-285
Mark Danks as Master of Ceremonies at the awards event in NYC.

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