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Join me in the Windy City in April
Posted on April 8, 2015
Ready for the Windy City?  April 16 -19th -- Join me for several days of seminars, one-on-one consults and lots of networking   I'll be in Chicago for the Smart Show and have added several other events so I can work with you. I hope you'll join me if you're in the Windy City any time from Thursday through Monday. List of Events: 4/16 @ 10am  One-on-One Consults to be booked 4/16 @ 1pm    Tips & Tricks Marketing Seminar for Designers* 4/16 @ 6pm    Insights Into the Designer World & WJA Networking presentation**   4/17 @ 11am   One-on-One Consults to be booked 4/17 @ 2:30     Smart Show:  Using Customer Types to Sell More  Jewelry 4/17 @ 5pm     Cocktails @ Riva Crab House (until 7:00) 4/18 - 20      ... Read More
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Lessons in Design’preneurship by a Host of Experts
Posted on November 11, 2013
Earlier this year I took part in a panel discussion for a delegation of jewelry designers from Quebec interested in growing their business in the US marketplace. Thank goodness our organizer, Lilian Raji of the Lilian Raji Agency had it taped so that other designers can benefit from our collective wisdom. The panel included Randi Molofsky (journalist and currently VP of marketing for Gemfields), Meeling Wong (consultant to many top designer firms), Theresa Poirer (Sales Director of Fragments), Victoria Gomelsky (editor-in-chief of JCK magazine) and Karen Lee (for St. DuPont). So get ready to take some notes! ... Read More
Jennifer Dawes presenting at the 2012 Future of Design finale
How to Make a Great Presentation to Sell Yourself (and Sell Your Jewelry)
Posted on April 8, 2013
  At the finale to the Future of Design Business Incubator Contest the three finaists have to make a presentation. They are given some guidelines like "you should include up to 3 minutes of background (where you've come from/what you've done) and then the rest is a look forward: How you plan to build your company, what you think your challenges will be, and how you plan to overcome them. We want to gain a strong sense of you as business managers, planners, and leaders." For many this was their first time on a stage and certainly their first time making such a public pitch. For many it was also the first time using Powerpoint! Presentations take many forms -- to a prospective buyer (often the bigger the store the bigger the presentation) or an editor or perhaps even... Read More
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designerDAY 2013 Features Speakers, Learning Stations & a Swap-n-Shop
Posted on February 6, 2013
designerDAY 2013 is ready to roll -- we're so excited for this year's line up of speakers and for the two new features we've added.  The theme is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and we're tacking some of the most troublesome issues plagueing design'preneurs this year. First -- we'll have a session by Belinda Pruyne of Business Innovation Group about finding your ISP -- innovative Selling Proposition. Belinda is a business coach who has worked with a lot of artists and creative businesses and she's expert at helping you articulate what makes you and your jewelry unique. Next we delve into the issue of appraisals and what happens when a customer brings your jewelry to an appraiser who isn't famiilar with your work or the designer concept and appraises it for basic scrap costs. And your... Read More
September Specials for the Back-to-School Enthusiasm
Posted on September 7, 2012
Does the first week of September evoke any emotions in you? It does for me. It always fills me with optimism and a renewed spirit; of course, I know I'm not going back to school but still ... I can't help feeling the urge for new pens and notebooks. Fresh beginnings. And in that spirit we're having our September Sale. We want you to have new tools and a fresh perspective as you move into that all-important 4th quarter. Just be sure to take note of the awesome super bonus we're offering!         SPECIAL #1 Our Designer CEO event brought in experts who shared the big secrets to success for design'preneurs. They showed us the best practices in sales, branding and business management that any designer can adopt for greater success. We captured all... Read More
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Join Me at the MJSA Designer ConFAB in NYC on Oct. 14th
Posted on September 6, 2012
Top Ten Reasons Why You Should conFab on Sunday October 14th in NYC.  "Confab" is short for "confabulate," which means to "chat" or "confer." And at the MJSA conFab, you'll be able to do all that and more.    The folks at MJSA have created a Top Ten list of reasons why you need to mark Oct. 14 as conFab Day. Personally, I think spending the day with me is reason enough but they did come up with 10 more reasons, too. 10. To hear the laugh of Andrea Hill, rumored to have once made a Buckingham Palace guard grin, interspersed between insights into strategic planning, marketing, branding, and just plain how to run an amazing business. 9. To watch Arthur "Price Point" Skuratowicz and Gary "Profit Margin" Dawson go head to head in our version of "The Price Is Right" game... Read More
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Business Advice for Designers Entering the US Fine Jewelry Market
Posted on August 27, 2012
A few months ago Lilian Raji of the Lilian Raji Agency created a very comprehensive series of events in NYC for the government of Quebec's export division featuring 14 fine jewelry designers. The Jewelry Artists of Quebec event was phenomenal --a monthlong exhibition at the beautiful Aaron Faber Gallery that started with a VIP party and press appointments. It was an organizational tour de force and Lilian did an amazing job. I am proud to have been a part of the designers' educational events; we had a terrific business panel with several esteemed colleagues and then I spent two days doing one-on-one consultations with most of the designers. It's my favorite thing to do -- get to know a designer, their inspiration and their work and help them figure out how it should fit... Read More
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Cindy Edelstein Named a Community Choice Honoree in the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards
Posted on August 17, 2012
    Holy Moly! I am so honored to have garnered so many votes -- 2,024 to be exact -- to win one of the top spots in the Community Choice category of the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards. There were 300+ people in my category and some are really BIG fish (Seth Godin, Mari Smith, Peter Shankman, Dave Ramsey, Brendan Burchard, Jonathan Fields, Gary Vanerchuck and more amazing guru's that I love!) so it means even more to me that my community came out in such force to support my nomination. It was fun to see the votes roll in  -- I confess to checking the polls a little too often for someone who professes to be nonplussed -- and it was really humbling to read some of the comments from my business friends and associaites. What means the most to me is that the... Read More
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Come Learn about Sales and Manufacturing Success Tricks at JRB’s Summer Designer Business Forums 7/31 + 8/1
Posted on July 13, 2012
We're going to have a GREAT time -- there's so much to learn, so many people to network with, sources to find and the chance to get a behind-the-scenes educational tour of a master craftsman-filled jewelry factory. We've never had a double event like this! To read more about our Sales-centric Event on July 31st at the JA NY Show click here. To read more about our Manufacturing Event on August 1st at the Novell factory click here. To reserve your spot click here. Questions? Call us at 914-738-8485.                  ... Read More
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GIA Jewelry Career Fair is Coming to NYC on July 30th
Posted on July 11, 2012
I take this as a good sign for our industry that after a 4-year haitus the GIA is hosting a Career Fair in NYC again.  This is a fabulous event that offers a job fair, seminars and a great big career coaching session where you can get 15-minute conversations with all kinds of industry experts... including me! This is our industry at it's best -- a real supportive environment where companies and individuals seek to help those that want to learn and grow in the fine jewelry world. It's super fun! So if you're looking for a job in the industry -- you have to be there. If you're looking for a good boost of career advice and inspiration -- this is a no-brainer. See the whole schedule here and decide for yourself. If you do attend please stop by the coaching and say hi!... Read More