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halstead bead grant 2011
Halstead Scholarships for fledgling jewelry artists to Visiting Artist Program of the Buyers Market of American Craft.
Posted on January 24, 2011
Through a generous gift from Halstead Bead Inc., scholarships are available for jewelry artists who want to receive business training in the Visiting Artist Program of the Buyers Market of American Craft.      The Visiting Artist Program, coming to Philadelphia February 19-20, 2011, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, will provide one- and two-day workshops teaching craft entrepreneurship -- how to launch a business, develop and promote product lines and price artwork for wholesale and retail sales.      Participants will tour the Buyers Market of American Craft, the nation’s largest wholesale tradeshow where artists from the U.S. and Canadian studios sell their work to galleries, boutiques, museum shops and catalogs. In addition, participants will receive a... Read More
Instore Magazine says: Snap Out of it! Post Recessionary Advice for Jewelers
Posted on August 23, 2010
This made me smile on a dreary Monday morning. Instore magazine's tip of the day eblast was spreading optimism so I felt like contributing to the cause!Are you still bummed out? Do you see light at the end of your tunnel? Have you started to do things differently to get different results? Tell us about it. ... Read More
Daily Candy celebrates 10th Anniversary with an Entrepreneur’s Launch Contest
Posted on August 16, 2010
Daily Candy is turning 10 and to celebrate their decade of great finds, new discoveries and fantastic new designers they're running an entrepreneur's contest. One winner from each of their signature categories (fashion, food, and fun) will win a $10,000 trip to New York City, a write-up by DailyCandy editors, and a day at DailyCandy Academy --"where you’ll mingle and brainstorm with the now-iconic entrepreneurs we knew way back when," they say. Over the years Daily Candy has written about hundreds of jewelry designers and great jewelry boutiques -- this is your chance to really launch big. Their only requirement: Your service or product must help make life just a little bit sweeter. That’s what DailyCandy is about, after all. For details and entry form, go to... Read More
Who deserves to be a Design Star?
Posted on July 12, 2010
I can't get this article out of my mind: it published weeks ago but I keep thinking about it. Being in the business of helping designers -- both newcomers and those that have arrived -- I ruminate on the topic a lot.The New York Times' Eric Wilson covered the glamorous and self-promoting 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards event on June 7th. The tenor of the article is "who deserves stardom?" And it addresses the age old tug of war between talent and fame; longevity vs. newness.                    He writes: It is, after all, hard to say who has real talent and staying power or merely the ability to sell themselves effectively, which is why, at the Council of Fashion Designers of... Read More
I missed Project Runway Day in NYC – did you?
Posted on January 16, 2010
image from to my favorite new NYFashionista blog,, I never miss a trick even when I can't get into Manhattan to shop.This report on the Project Runway PR coup just made me smile:"What would lure us into standing outside in midtown for over an hour on this cold Manhattan day? Why, the chance to see Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and our beloved Tim Gunn celebrating Project Runway's return to New York! They were there to help the city proclaim today "Project Runway Day" and temporarily name Seventh Avenue at the Needle Threading a Button statue "Project Runway Avenue."   read the blog here ... Read More
Unemployment Can Lead to Entrepreneurship –
Posted on August 25, 2009
Interesting Article in NYTimes today about entrepreneurship. Down economies give more people the opportunity to start something of their own.I think it's true that when the status quo is good (at your old job) you just may not have the drive to start your own thing. But when you're kicked out of the nest, so to speak, you learn quickly how well you can fly.Maybe less true for artists? You tell me if you needed to be kicked out of the nest or did you leap? Leave us a comment....Unemployment Can Lead to Entrepreneurship - Others among the unemployed are taking the entrepreneurial route. The most recent Index of Entrepreneurial Activity by the Kauffman Foundation showed a slight uptick of new businesses in 2008 — a full recessionary year — over 2007. An average... Read More
Please take our Jewelry Designer Business Survey
Posted on August 3, 2009'd love to have more folks take our survey, "JRB Pulse of the Designer Community Survey, " on what jewelry designers are doing online.... how you're using the tools out there, are you following our tweets, posts and various ways to communicate. And most importantly, what else do you need to succeed and thrive this year?click this link to go to survey: Please tell us! It's a quick and easy survey -- and we'll use the statistics to help you and your peers. Tell your friends, too, if you will be so kind as to forward that link so we can capture as many different perspectives as possible.Here's a sample of the less than a dozen questions... Read More
BusinessWeek Seeking Nominations: Best U.S. Entrepreneurs 25 and Under
Posted on July 8, 2009
The Ten Ways Twitter Will Permanently Change American Business
Posted on June 14, 2009
Great article that should entice you to join the twitter-generation:"As Twitter grows it will increasingly become a place where companies build brands, do research, send information to customers, conduct e-commerce, and create communities for their users. Some industries, like local retail, could be transformed by Twitter."    read full article  [fixed link](shout out to blogger Carrie Soucy for leading me to this article! ... Read More
“We Need to Shrink the Supply and Create the Demand” says Diane Von Furstenberg
Posted on February 24, 2009
Wisdom or fashion foolishness? You decide.Ms. von Furstenberg added that "last season’s woes were caused in part by a glut of inventory. For Fall 2009, she said she dropped some stores from carrying her line, although she declined to name specifics. 'What we need to do is shrink the supply and create the demand. It’s as simple as that.”This quote was in a recent Wall Street Journal article on the recent Fall Fashion Shows entitled "Fall 2009: Designing During a Downturn."“Optimism, optimism, optimism. It’s crazy to think that things are going to to stay the way they are,” Mr. Kneen , Creative Director of Banana Republic,  added. “But if you don’t change with them, then you’re not going to be around.” ... Read More