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Pantone Says We’re in a Monaco Blue Mood for Spring 2013
Posted on September 7, 2012
  As Spring 2013 Fashion Week begins the Pantone Color Institute, the color authority, has announced the top colors of Spring. And we're going to be feeling the blues... Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue to be exact. Both are subdued shades of blue which are "practical purchases for any wardrobe ... that can be easily blended into consumer's existing wardrobe," said Leatrice Eisman, Pantone's Executive Director in today's WWD. The next two most popular colors -- according to how many designers have used these shades in their Spring collections -- are also somewhat dusky greens that are jewel tones of Emerald and Greyed Jade. Safe seems to be the mood, no? The punches of color will come from Poppy Red, African Violet, Lemon Zest and Nectarine. Personally, I'm looking... Read More
MJSA's Secret Shop Weapons book
MJSA Publishes Book on Secret Shop Weapons
Posted on June 18, 2012
MJSA has published Secret Shop Weapons, a book that reveals the favorite shop tools of more than 30 jewelers and designers. The 160-page book. edited by one of our favorite dynamic duos designers Chris Ploof and Ann Cahoon,  features tools from the high-tech (lasers, CAD/CAM, laptops) to the traditional (gravers, hammers, saws). Jewelers and designers discuss why different tools are valuable, how they’re used and the breakthrough they’ve helped to achieve. “Secret shop tips” are also included in the book to help make jewelry-making and design easier. Step-by-step projects show several of the tools in action, and additional projects are available online on the MJSA website, accessible through a password provided in the book. The site features videos of the book’s... Read More
Designers continue pledge not to use coral
Posted on March 23, 2010
[source:] New York--With a much-anticipated protection measure for red and pink coral failing to pass this week, nonprofit organization Sea Web and its "Too Precious to Wear" campaign continue to push forward, gathering designers and manufacturers from the jewelry industry to pledge their support for coral conservation. In the weeks before the 15th Conference of Parties of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)-where, on Sunday, 64 countries voted in favor of the measure, 59 countries voted against it and 10 abstained-Sea Web had gathered 11 new Too Precious to Wear signatories, adding them to a long list of designers, including Tiffany and Co. and Temple St. Clair, who had previously pledged their support. "The jewelers... Read More
Lark Books 500 Gemstone Jewels ready for pre-order on Amazon
Posted on February 22, 2010
So happy to have juried this book... it's beautiful.So says the publisher:Gems are the rarest and most enticing material a jeweler can work with, and this newest entry in the acclaimed 500 series showcases a rainbow of stones, from rough and natural to fully-faceted precious jewels.  The pieces include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and even a tiara, and they’re set in every imaginable kind of material, both precious and non-precious: gold, glass, platinum, palladium, iron, resin, silver, and more. The work ranges from Christo Kiffer's delicate and expressive "Tourmaline Moth Brooch," with its rich green tourmalines and sparkling diamonds, to a devastatingly beautiful necklace by master jeweler Daphne Krinos.   THE... Read More
“iMakeJewelry” for the Apple iPhone – a designer app!
Posted on November 19, 2009
We read today on the Business of Craft blog that Crafthaus member Victoria Lansford announces the release of "iMakeJewelry" for the Apple iPhone !Product description:iMakeJewelry is the ultimate app for jewelers and metalsmiths. Use it to check precious metal prices, calculate sheet, wire and wax weights, ring blank lengths, find alloy recipes and information on stones. Use it to calculate weight conversions from wax to metal or silver to gold and convert weight and area measurements from English to metric. Also included are tables for drill bit sizes and B&S gauges. Watch for frequent tips from Victoria more:The Business of Craft: Now your PDA is your most valuable bench assistant !. ... Read More
Tungsten Wedding Rings: Jewelry Designer Scott Kay Denounces Misleading Advertising Methods & Introduces bioBlu27 alloy
Posted on November 2, 2009
Scott Kay introduced his new SK Cobalt line to the trade press yesterday by way of educating folks on how it came to be. He helped develop a new metal alloy that answers a need in the marketplace for affordable wedding rings that is superior to tungsten carbide --the cost effective darling of the bridal business for the past few years that is promoted as lasting, strong and durable yet shatters easily. See photo below of a wedding ring dropped on a marble tile.He is very passionate for our industry and full disclosure and not misleading the public --  these videos show his heartstrong debate of the use and promotion of tungsten. He's not against the material only it's use as wedding rings ("sacred" rings that are promoted as durable and lifetime... Read More
jewelry_cycle exhibition: Artists Discover Hidden Sparkle in the Discarded
Posted on November 2, 2008
Holy Mother Board, Batman... it's jewelry! Jewelry_cycle is an educational showcase of wearable treasures made from re-cycled circuit boards on exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design until January 4, 2009. Circuit boards contain precious metals, such as copper, silver and gold, which add a precious element to what would otherwise be considered e-waste. The curators, Christine Dhein and Christophe Koch, along with invited artists Shana Astrachan, David Casella, Reed Easley, Aimee Golant, Kelly Nederman and emiko oye discover the hidden potential and transform these materials to create brilliant, sparkling jewels. Christine hopes that this recycled jewelry collection will “inspire visitors to appreciate the potential value of discarded objects in a new... Read More
Jewelry Pliers Improved by Alan Revere of Revere Academy
Posted on November 1, 2008
After two years in development, a newly refined and improved set of pliers, designed by Alan Revere, is available for goldsmiths and jewelry makers everywhere. The result of research, refinement and redesign, the new pliers incorporate a unique textured grip, which was designed by Alan. “We started with the finest German-made pliers available and added a totally new grip that increases function and efficiency. These pliers help get the job done, rather than getting in the way,” says Revere of his latest design.A prominent jewelry author and educator, Alan Revere is a German trained master goldsmith, award winning jewelry designer, and founder of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California. Dissatisfied with pliers currently available through... Read More