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Join me in the Windy City in April
Posted on April 8, 2015
Ready for the Windy City?  April 16 -19th -- Join me for several days of seminars, one-on-one consults and lots of networking   I'll be in Chicago for the Smart Show and have added several other events so I can work with you. I hope you'll join me if you're in the Windy City any time from Thursday through Monday. List of Events: 4/16 @ 10am  One-on-One Consults to be booked 4/16 @ 1pm    Tips & Tricks Marketing Seminar for Designers* 4/16 @ 6pm    Insights Into the Designer World & WJA Networking presentation**   4/17 @ 11am   One-on-One Consults to be booked 4/17 @ 2:30     Smart Show:  Using Customer Types to Sell More  Jewelry 4/17 @ 5pm     Cocktails @ Riva Crab House (until 7:00) 4/18 - 20      ... Read More
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Get noticed in Cindy’s TrendTracker on
Posted on March 29, 2015
[caption id="attachment_3749" align="alignright" width="300"] Every week we showcase a theme and 10-20 designs that fit the theme for retailers.[/caption] I am having so much fun with my weekly TrendTracker column on I'm always looking for submissions -- it's is a great way to show your jewelry to the world. If you're a jeweler who wholesales your work to retailers then please feel free to pitch me your work! Here's what I need: images shot on a white background full description w/suggested retail and your URL Sent to me via dropbox or email to info [at] jewelersresource [dot] com   I don't have time for email back-and-forths so if you don't have it all in one email I probably will have to skip you. And if you send too... Read More
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MJSA Vision Awards Call for Entries
Posted on March 27, 2014
After a short haitus to redesign their competition MJSA has announced their 2014 Vision Awards call for entries. Entry deadline is April 17, 2014. What's new this year? The categories are revamped so that now the general Professional Category is divided between those working for less than 3 years and those with more experience. This is the first time I've seen this kind of distinction and I think it will give quite a leg up to newbies [translation: ENTER!!!] There's a student category -- a lovely way to support the artform. The CAD-CAM, Laser Distinction and Custom Design categories are back and these  are pretty unique to MJSA, as well. They really do strive to support the working jeweler and give several ways to acknowledge different talents. The newsiest addition to... Read More
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Instagram Direct Launches; Will You Use it as a Prospecting Tool?
Posted on December 12, 2013
Today Instagram Direct launched; now you can send images directly to one person. How will we use that in business? I suppose we can use it to pitch editors and retailers since you can send it to folks who are not following you. I could see the potential for abuse there and the possibility for those key influencers to get turned off or leave Instagram altogether. But for those you have an existing relationship with you could use it to give them instant access to new designs, events, insider tips and tricks and even some jokes. It could build a relationship more now that you can directly communicate more. We'll have to wait and see, won't we? Here's the news from Insagram's blog announcement: There are, however, moments in our lives that we want to share, but that will be... Read More
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Outsourcing Your Photoshop to Get Your Images to Float
Posted on November 10, 2013
We've been talking a lot lately about photography and how important it is to your overall marketing message. You know you should use only professional photos but sometimes your photographer shoots on a gradient background or "interesting" background or even uses white paper that doesn't truly seem white enough. Anybody with photoshop skills can delete the background of a photo -- if you do it yourself you can expect to spend .5 to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the jewel and if you hire someone to do it you'll get a wide range of quotes by the hour or per picture. But you have many more resources than your local photographer or graphic designer. The most cost-effective way is to use an outsourcing company from overseas. You can find a graphic designer or admin... Read More
Instagram video and photos can now be seen elsewhere
Instagram Adds Shareabiltiy – Great News for Brand Building
Posted on July 15, 2013
This is great news for all us photo lovers. The best thing about instagram is telling your [life] story in images. And of course, for jewelry folks you tell your product's story in instantly compelling ways, too, on an app that attracts so many likeminded souls. It's fun. It's quick. It's engaging. And now you can go beyond Instagram. The L.A.Times Tech Writer, Jessica Guynn, breaks it down easily for you: A new share button will let you embed your Instagram videos and photos anywhere (except Twitter, naturally). And, of course, marketers can use this handy new button, too, a key selling point as Instagram looks to conquer the world of visual social sharing and start building a moneymaking business. How it works: When you visit an Instagram photo or video page on your... Read More
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Subscriptions to Fashion Magazines are a Must for Your PR Efforts – Amazon has a Great Offer
Posted on November 20, 2012
 [click above to get started] Subscriptions to fashion magazines are a must for your PR efforts -- you need to keep track of who the editors are, what they cover and what trends they've been writing about. Amazon has a subscription service that makes it easy to keep track of your magazines and when they are due for renewal. They also have great sales throughout the year. I'm not sure how many times they offer $5 subscriptions but that's the best deal we've ever seen! And if you use their service I believe it will let you extend your subscriptions with the sale prices. Regardless, you should catch up on all the magazines you should be getting for $5 a year! Go now! The current $5 sale ends December 3rd, 2012.   Not every magazine we recommend subscribing to are... Read More
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Business Advice for Designers Entering the US Fine Jewelry Market
Posted on August 27, 2012
A few months ago Lilian Raji of the Lilian Raji Agency created a very comprehensive series of events in NYC for the government of Quebec's export division featuring 14 fine jewelry designers. The Jewelry Artists of Quebec event was phenomenal --a monthlong exhibition at the beautiful Aaron Faber Gallery that started with a VIP party and press appointments. It was an organizational tour de force and Lilian did an amazing job. I am proud to have been a part of the designers' educational events; we had a terrific business panel with several esteemed colleagues and then I spent two days doing one-on-one consultations with most of the designers. It's my favorite thing to do -- get to know a designer, their inspiration and their work and help them figure out how it should fit... Read More
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2013 Jewelry Trend Forecast with Trendologist David Wolfe by Lorraine DePasque
Posted on August 20, 2012
Lorraine DePasque is one of our most favorite jewelry journalists -- she's been tracking design trends for longer than either of us like to admit (since we're both in our mid-30s you can only imagine that we started in grammar school!). Recently she sat down to talk 2013 jewelry trends with master forecaster David Wolfe of the Doneger Group for INSTORE magazine's new video series. David is one of the fashion industry's most quoted authorities, with international credentials as a fashion, color and trend forecaster. His expertise and entertaining personality keep David in demand as a public speaker and lecturer. Here you can see what David thinks about 2013 jewelry trends ... something we all need to get inspired by!    ... Read More
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Clever Business Giveaway ~ Customize FlipFlops w/ Your Jewels
Posted on March 24, 2012
Saw this today on a TV show and had to share! Sandalistas is a great site that lets you use your own image to customize a pair of flipflops -- wouldn't that be a great gift to give to retailers before at during your next trade show? Or maybe with an image of the engagement ring your latest client just ordered?! Or for that editor you're dying to get to know? So cute! Here I designed a pair with a pendant from Pamela Froman as an example. And what a fun promotion when you really want to be remembered.... Read More