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Affluent Consumer Study – after the Bailout
Posted on October 13, 2008
The worldwide economic crisis is having a profound and widespread impact on the luxury market, according to a recent survey of affluent consumers, reported JCK online. "Few luxury brands are going to weather this global economic crisis with impunity," says Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing research firm. Danziger added, "Because affluent shoppers are staying out of stores to resist temptation, retailers must offer shoppers new in-store experiences they simply can't ignore, like the cash-back gift card sale going on now at Bergdorf Goodman. She says luxury brands need to look strategically at their product lines and price ranges, since these wealthy customers are saving money by choosing to buy fewer premium brands. “So a luxury brand that offers... Read More
Are We Twittering Yet?
Posted on October 5, 2008
I'm just getting more serious with Twitter... and wondering how many fine jewelry peeps are using it? Tell me what you're doing with Twitter and why -- you could become a feature article on our site. ... Read More
Macy’s Brings in designers Faraone Mennella for exclusive, In-house Jewelry Line
Posted on September 10, 2008
Department store giant Macy's is about to call an exclusive jewelry line its own, reports National Jeweler. "L'una," a sterling silver jewelry brand, will be distributed in 66 Macy's stores beginning next month, with in-store L'una boutiques in Macy's flagship stores in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago. The line will also be available online. Amedeo Scognamiglio and Roberto Faraone Mennella, the founders and designers of New York-based jewelry firm Faraone Mennella, designed all the pieces in the line, a public relations representative for the company confirmed. The initial collection will feature more than 160 styles, with retail prices ranging from $35 to $895. "It's a perfect bridge between fashion and fine jewelry for Macy's" Macy's Inc.... Read More
Publicist Mitzi Zieve Creates a Fantastic Event for Us
Posted on July 31, 2008
We've been having a crazier time than normal  (if that's possible!) around our offices as we prepared for a week of trade shows, publicity events and even a few parties thrown in. This weekend was the JA NY Show -- the fine jewelry trade show in NYC that showcases over 1000 companies from gem dealers to suppliers and fine jewelry manufacturers and our favorite, the designers. On Tuesday evening, 29th, we had a launch party for our book "BRILLIANCE! Masterpieces from the American Jewelry Design Council" (available through our website and it was quite an event! See the next entries above. The party was an amazing orchestration which began  --- a year ago while we were writing the book -- with Seth Bloomgarden of Belenky Brothers... Read More
Jewelry Designer Business e-course — Tips from the Trenches
Posted on February 8, 2008
I've launched a free e-course (that's a class that comes via email!) to help you start the year off on the right foot. Visit our website at and you should see a floating box where you can sign up to receive our free lessons. If you don't see it just send a blank email to: That will hook you up, too. You'll get all 10 lessons in your inbox -- one every other day. Topics include:Lesson 1 -- Marketing is a never-ending processLesson 2 -- Actions in line with goalsLesson 3 -- Tell them what to thinkLesson 4 -- There's no such thing as buzz killLesson 5 -- Don't make it hard to find youLesson 6 -- Sales trumps design every timeLesson 7 -- Follow instructionsLesson 8 -- Manners MatterLesson 9 -- Experimentation is good and... Read More
You Gotta Tell Your Own Story – Repeatedly
Posted on January 12, 2008
Frank and I were just marveling at how easy it is for history to morph into urban legend. We just completed work on our first coffee table book, due out this summer, and the galleys are being proofed. Frank did much of the early research interviewing members of the American Jewelry Design Council on the origins of the group. He found several different printed references for how many were at the first meeting, who was there, who organized it, etc. It seems everyone's recollection is different. We laugh about it because it took him over a dozen interviews, some reinterviews, to nail down what we think (hope) are the facts. Slippery memories are to blame as is the fact that at the time they didn't know what a momentous thing they were creating and it must not have seemed too... Read More
Database Pet Peeve
Posted on April 7, 2007
This is the time of year when most designers are getting ready for the best sales opps for the whole year. So it's no surprise that we're busy creating custom mailing lists for them. Our database has 3000 designer-centric retailers (pretty much the entire universe). We keep track of all sorts of data on them -- when we mailed them something, what they're JBT # is, web address, buyer, etc. It's amazing to me how few designers do the same! If you don't have a good database program -- please put it on your To Get list. It's one thing to have your customers in your accounting program (you can track their orders, their purchasing history and print labels) but it's another to track prospects. And prospects are invaluable. And spending hours (or losing hours, actually) to hand... Read More
The Value of Good Photos
Posted on March 21, 2007
This past season I was privledged to judge three major industry design competitions. I have a lot to say about the experience but the most important thing I must impart to you is ... TAKE GOOD PHOTOS! You would be surprised to know how many designers don't take professional photographs for their entries in design competitions. Presumably, they want to win those contests so why don't send the best representation possible? It's shocking. You need to know: judges judge the quality of your entry as well as the jewelry your image is being shown for a very short time in between other images that might be of FANTASTIC quality if judges can't see your work well they can't score it high no matter what great attributes it might have Bottom line: if you're not a professional... Read More