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MJSA Vision Awards Call for Entries
Posted on March 27, 2014
After a short haitus to redesign their competition MJSA has announced their 2014 Vision Awards call for entries. Entry deadline is April 17, 2014. What's new this year? The categories are revamped so that now the general Professional Category is divided between those working for less than 3 years and those with more experience. This is the first time I've seen this kind of distinction and I think it will give quite a leg up to newbies [translation: ENTER!!!] There's a student category -- a lovely way to support the artform. The CAD-CAM, Laser Distinction and Custom Design categories are back and these  are pretty unique to MJSA, as well. They really do strive to support the working jeweler and give several ways to acknowledge different talents. The newsiest addition to... Read More
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DesignerBizNews 5/19/12
Posted on May 20, 2013
 Designer-centric News & Views 5/17/12   JEWELRY INDUSTRY:   Awesome explanation of trademark usage for jewelers by Sara Yood of the Jeweler's Vigilance Committee (JVC) bookmark this one! [ via NationalJeweler] If you're going to Vegas and you're NOT exhibiting then there's a lot of great education for you to attend at JCK Show. Rappaport is hosting a free diamond conference on Sunday 6/2. [via Rappaport] Designers MUST learn about the professional jewel thieves that prey on our industry. I know many designers don't think of themselves as "part of the industry" but if you go to jewelry stores and trade shows -- you can be a target. Read how to protect yourself. [via JCK] Designers must think about the modern day consumer when building their brand, said... Read More
DesignerBizNews 4/27/12
Posted on April 27, 2013
Designer-centric News & Views 4/27/12         JEWELRY INDUSTRY: Online sales tax gains more momentum. Will likely be voted on by the Senate on April 24. You and your customers will be affected.  [via JCK] Artisans of handmade goods interested in participating in the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair at the historic Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station in NYC  should submit applications online by June 14. [via JCK] Gold prices fell last week -- jewelers are happy [JCK] after it took a plunge on April 15th [via JCK] after a new low on April 12th [via JCK] ... want to read all that the industry has been saying about this? Check out Rob Bates' blog [via JCK]. New showroom by Andrea Hansen and Courtney Cohen offers more services to help... Read More