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Customer Types for 2015 Gives You a Publicity Boost
Posted on January 24, 2015
Everyone knows a "sexy soccer mom" or a "couture collector," right? And that's why my column, Customer Types, in INDESIGN magazine is so popular. While we all like to think of ourselves as multi-dimensional more often than not our clothes and jewels and fashion personae can be wrapped up in a few clever clich├ęs. Which is great for sales people because it gives them a shortcut to help the customer out finding that perfect give or new self-purchased jewel. My column appears every issues -- 6 times a year -- and this coming April our Customer Types concept will be a central focus at the magazine's sister trade show, The Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago. I also enjoy giving exposure to designers who make beautiful jewels. I only wish I had more than one page per issue so that I... Read More