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Jewelry Week in Las Vegas — Optimism was in everyone’s showcase
Posted on June 6, 2009
I heard more often than not, "We had a good show. We didn't expect much and so we are very, very pleased with what happened."What a relief.I'm not saying we're out of the woods yet -- but I am thinking we can see glimmers of light at the end of the forest. There were still those seeing no light but I am wondering if it's almost generational -- did these people resond to the market? Add new? Add lower-priced or better styled? I saw a lot of designers introduce silver. Or smaller. Or lighter. Or well-marketed.But the world won't look the same post-recession. The new luxury customer will be different than the old and we all have to adapt.Speaking of new behavior -- I was tweeting up a storm during the Couture show. And using facebook, too. If you... Read More
Handmade at NYGift Show – designer report
Posted on February 6, 2008
Traffic at the Handmade section of the NY Gift Show was slower than last year, said many, but the popular designer lines still had a good show. And we had fun visiting with so many great friends. Trends spotted at the show: GREEN Jewelry is gaining a real toehold in our industry (see early post on Fair Jewelry Summit) and the latest to take the concept and run with it was Cynthia Gale of GeoArt. Her new Go Green campaign was attracting a lot of attention. That's Cynthia on the right.                          Another great green initiative is Julie Bergstein's (on the left) new locket collection for her eponymous line Just Jules. She combines vintage lockets, watch fobs and other trinkets... Read More
Accessories Circuit Ushers in New Year
Posted on January 10, 2008
The Accessories Circuit trade show was quite busy on Tuesday when we visited. This 3-day trade show is always fun for us since we get to see more than jewelry -- every accessories category along with some ready-to-wear is on display. Given the current economic climate we were thrilled to see that many of our favorite designers were working away writing orders and a few were too busy to talk to us despite dropping by a few times. What we did get to see were some terrific new spring lines and continued growth by some of today's most happenin' designers. At Mizuki's booth we saw the designer herself chatting with Fragments owner Janet Goldman (middle) and CEO Marla Sabo (left) and we couldn't resist capturing their new year's smiles. Mizuki's collection now features... Read More
JA’s New Designer 30th Anniversary
Posted on April 7, 2007
The 30th Anniversary of the New Designer Gallery is going to be a great celebration -- and one everyone can share. We're planning a lot of ways to celebrate. First, of course is to debut this year's New Designer Gallery and anoint one "New Designer of the Year." Over the years this award has been shared by: Whitney Boin, Diana Vincent, Steven Kretchmer, Eddie Sakamoto, Tom Kruskal, Penny Preville, Alex Sepkus, Susan Sadler and so many more. This year we're adding a Designer Showcase Lounge to the show floor. This is the place for hanging out and reminiscing. We'll display memorabilia from 30 years of stars and maybe have a Designer Jewelry silent auction (to raise money for a Mort Abelson scholarship). Anyone can donate to the auction -- gives you a great... Read More
30 Years of New Talent
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The other reason I'm glad to join the Nielsen Jewelry Group is that this is the 30th Anniversary of the famed New Designer Room/Gallery at the JA Shows. The reason I could make a business focused on the designer sector of the industry is because Mort Abelson, show director for the JA Shows in the 70's  (when the show was the only game in town and owned by the Jeweler's of America trade association) decided to spice up the trade show and invite "some young designers"  to exhibit with the industry big-guns. Mort was a true trailblazer. He schlepped to the cow pastures of Rhinebeck to peruse the craft show that had recently started (the forerunner of the ACC Show). He trekked through countless "booths" (if that's what the tents could be called) to... Read More
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So this is a very exciting time for me to start working with the Nielsen Jewelry Group -- producers of Couture  and JA New York shows. It's the first year that Couture is open to all valid buyers so it's the first time that many will be able to experience the "Couture difference."   Couture is a unique trade show in that it's not intended to serve all -- it's a targeted event that serves just the high-end/branded/designer-oriented sector of the fine jewelry business. It offers an edited collection of several hundred vendors which represents a managable, cohesive buying experience. Since Las Vegas is an ever growing orgy of stimuli -- both in terms of business and pleasure -- I think an oasis like this much needed. I think it's the perfect time for... Read More