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May issue of Elle Shows A lot of Jewels — whew! How Refreshing
Posted on April 16, 2009
Seriously, I was going into withdrawal. I know all this frugality is good for us -- I'm reusing, repurposing, recycling. But a gal's gotta get some eye candy some time!The new issue of Elle arrived yesterday and there was jewelry to be seen throughout. Oh how I missed my frivolity and jewelicious pages. There was jewelry featured in at least three sections of the Fashion News department. And jewelry in the fashion spreads. And a goodly amount of jewelry ads.An interesting trend was highlighted -- agate geode  slices. In multiples for the neck and wrist. Big, heavy and often dyed crystally slices. Not normally on my IN list but in these dark times, even they lightened my mood.Do you find the trend a bit funky? Or fabulous?I think I've gone to two... Read More
NY Gift Show Held Optimism for Jewelers – Jewelry Trends Focus on Black, Airy and Natural
Posted on January 28, 2009
It wasn't all doom at the NY International Gift Show this week at the Javits Center. While recent reports from a lot trade shows were depressing more people I spoke to yesterday were pleasantly surprised. Perhaps expectations were set SO low that any news was good news but still and all, I spoke with designers who see this as a time for the good guys to "hold on" and treat their customers well and make smart, conservative choices in their business management. Odd statement for "artists" to make, huh? But these were sound, rational unpanicked conversations.What a welcome relief!Now don't get me wrong, no one was whooping it up but they weren't crying in their beers, either.The retailers that attended (while small in number) seemed cautious but... Read More
Ask Us! Tell Us Your Biggest Business Challenge and We’ll Track Down the Answers
Posted on October 15, 2008
What's on your mind? Tell us your biggest conundrum, share with us a current challenge, ask us your big question and we'll use the questions posted here in comments during our new teleconference series. We'll be talking with our Advisors, some famous designers and a host of other experts and we'll ask them YOUR questions. No guarantees we'll get to all nor that we'll go in any particular order but... the goal is definitely to be tidy and complete! So...... Ask Us! ... Read More
Hunting Down Chocolate Gold
Posted on September 25, 2008
I've been talking about chocolate gold for a year now -- seeing it in more European lines like the luscious Mattioli brand from Italy (gorgeous designs!!!). And of course, designers are asking where can they get it. So I made a few calls to United Precious Metals & David H. Fell (where you can buy all colors of gold) and to the U.S. office of Mattioli and confirmed that it is NOT an alloy but a surface treatment. It's a very high tech metallurgic magic (PVD or physical vapor deposition) that turns titanium a rich chocolate color (actually can turn it lots of different colors) that is added to a gold design. Yummy! In a related color story we saw bronze alloys in play this past fine jewelry market. Similar warm tones but way cheaper material. Think fine jewelers will go... Read More
Raw Diamond and Green Jewelry Trend Quotes in Epoch Times
Posted on September 21, 2008
I met with a reporter for The Epoch Times during the JA New York Show and we talked trends for quite a while. "According to Cindy Edelstein from the Jewelry Resource, the trends that we see today are mimicked throughout the industry. Designs are using different textures, mixing different metals, and presenting new stones. Hoops are popular, earrings are getting bigger, and bangles and cuffs are a must. Stack rings are still going strong, but this is the year of the cuff! For a while jewelry was tiny, but now it is scaling up. Wear an armload of bangles or a big cuff. Add movement—wear a waterfall on the ear rather than a shield." Read the whole jewelry trend article in Epoch Times.... ... Read More
Accessories playing big at New York’s Fashion Week — Big pendants, chains and shoulder-dusting earrings abound
Posted on September 10, 2008
The New York fashion shows are nearly done and the vote is in for accessories.... the more the better. Reuters fashion writer reports today:"If you can't buy a new outfit, you'll spend on a statement necklace or stacked bracelets," said Nina Garcia, fashion director at Marie Claire who is known for her role as a judge on Bravo television's "Project Runway." "It's an immediate fix" that suits the fashion-conscious and budget-conscious consumer, she said. So big are accessories for spring that scarcely a delicate piece or a bit of fine jewelry could be found, said Robert Burke of Robert Burke Associates, a luxury consulting company. "We're not seeing anything small," he said. Instead, he added, "look for very signature... Read More
Ethical Jewelry Handbook Now Available
Posted on April 5, 2008
Reflective Images, a designer jewelry firm, announces the free Ebook for the jewelry trade entitled:  THE ETHICAL JEWELRY HANDBOOK:  A Resource Guide for the jewelry sector wishing to adopt exceptional standards and radical transparency:  Fair, Responsible, Ecological (FRE) System. The book provides articles and information for those in the jewelry sector wishing to be more ecologically and socially responsible in their business practices.  It is also a handbook which explains how any company can implement the FRE System, which offers customers a detailed insight into the supply chain, from the mine to the showroom, for all components of every finished piece of jewelry the company sells. FRE empowers customers to make decisions based on a product’s: F=... Read More
Handmade at NYGift Show – designer report
Posted on February 6, 2008
Traffic at the Handmade section of the NY Gift Show was slower than last year, said many, but the popular designer lines still had a good show. And we had fun visiting with so many great friends. Trends spotted at the show: GREEN Jewelry is gaining a real toehold in our industry (see early post on Fair Jewelry Summit) and the latest to take the concept and run with it was Cynthia Gale of GeoArt. Her new Go Green campaign was attracting a lot of attention. That's Cynthia on the right.                          Another great green initiative is Julie Bergstein's (on the left) new locket collection for her eponymous line Just Jules. She combines vintage lockets, watch fobs and other trinkets... Read More
De Beers cuts U.S. marketing budget
Posted on January 26, 2008
De Beers is cutting its U.S. marketing budget.  Sally Morrison of the Diamond Information Center (De Beer's US marketing arm) confirmed to National Jeweler that the cutbacks are related to the perception that the United States is headed into a recession, and that 2008 is expected to be a tough year for everyone. The news is the latest in a string of bad news for the jewelry industry as a whole, as De Beers always has been known for its robust advertising campaigns. The DIC intends to offset the reduced advertising with more PR -- TIP: that could be good news for you if you've got innovative diamond designs that they can promote in publicity campaigns. ... Read More
Where are Trends Born?
Posted on August 23, 2007
Today on our email discussion group (if you're not already on it send a blank email to someone asked "How, and by whom, are seasonal jewelry trends started?  What are the top publications that jewelry designers consult regarding trends?" I think there isn't one simple answer -- it's in the air. Fashionable people seem to feel the wind a changin' when it's time to go from short to long or big to tiny. There's the fashion bell curve of acceptance and the early adopters are way at the beginning, the mass of the folks on the curve - and those poor schleppers at the other end of the curve so hopelessly out-of-touch. Or is that right before the NEXT curve begins? Most trends are cyclical and in reaction to the previous... Read More