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Need a boost to your Designing Skills?
Posted on March 22, 2007
Alan Revere of the famed San Francisco Revere Academy jewelry school is teaching at the upcoming Jewelry Arts Expo in Wilmington, Delaware: April 27-29. His class, Jewelry Design, is a hands-on class that proceeds from the concept that original ideas for design come from two specific realms; interpretation and abstraction.  The class is 2 days Friday & Saturday, Apr. 27, 2007 and Apr. 28, 2007. Price: $295.00 + Materials Fee: $10.00 = Total Cost: $305. See all about the Jewelry Arts Expo, a jewelry supplies trade show and seminar event, here. ... Read More
Posted on March 21, 2007
If you want to know when a new post is written on my blog - AND have it come to you as an email (rather than coming here constantly to check) you can sign up for a Feedblitz via the box on the top right of this page. It's a good thing. ... Read More
Spring Trade Magazine deadlines
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It's time to send current photos to the trade magazines to make sure you'll be seen in the May/June/July issues. These are the most visible issues and the most useful to your year-long marketing efforts. Write a simple press release on your new collection, new items or new design direction and email it with a 300 dpi image to all the trade editors interested in designer jewelry (listed here for your convenience). Carrie Soucy at JCK Magazine ( Jeff Prine at Modern Jeweler ( Beth Braverman at National Jeweler ( Paul Holewa at InStore ( Amber Michelle at Rappaport Report ( Cynthia Unninayer at JQ ( Good luck! ... Read More
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Welcome! This is our newly redesigned blog and we will post news, views, tips, tricks and great opportunities for fine jewelry designers to grow their businesses. If you're not familiar with our site,, please visit us and learn about our services. I've been working for more than 15 years to help designers grow their businesses with information and insight. Think of me as your Guru for Successful Design'preneurship. ... Read More