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On Facebook yet? We Just Started a Group so Join Us
Posted on April 8, 2008
So... are you on Facebook? Linkedin? Any social networking sites? According to recent reports there's more than just kids on these networking sites. A BusinessWeek article entitled "Fogeys Flock to Facebook" says: Facebook, the online hangout for college kids and recent graduates, is growing up. The site has amassed an audience of 33 million Web users, initially by catering to well-scrubbed kids who use the social network to nudge their friends, share photos, and swap music tips—all while consuming ads from Gen Y brands like Apple, Jeep, and Red Bull. Lately, an influx of older users—professionals in their 30s and 40s, many in high-tech—is changing the face of Facebook. Among Silicon Valley executives, journalists, and publicists, Facebook has become the... Read More
Build a Website for a Buck
Posted on September 20, 2007
Read on's blog today:If you've been dreaming up an e-commerce site, blog or online business, this is the time to give it a shot--for $1. That's right, MyDomain, a domain registration company, is offering customers the chance to launch a website for $1 for 30 days. The site's "Build Your Dream Business" promotion, which kicked off today, allows customers to pick a domain name and use MyDomain's software to publish their website. After the 30-day trial, customers can continue to use MyDomain's annual domain registration and three months of hosting for $41.80. ... Read More
Want a Personal Travel Assistant?
Posted on
Again, reading's blog and learned about A free web service that will combine all your travel plans/docs into one itinerary you can access online and in print and coordinate it all with your companions. It seems like a great thing to do for a vacation or for your first trip to a new city for a trade show or craft fair. I can see this being a good thing. Let me know if you try it! ... Read More