Customer Types for 2015 Gives You a Publicity Boost

Posted on January 24, 2015

Everyone knows a “sexy soccer mom” or a “couture collector,” right? And that’s why my column, Customer Types, in INDESIGN magazine is so popular.

While we all like to think of ourselves as multi-dimensional more often than not our clothes and jewels and fashion personae can be wrapped up in a few clever clichés.

Which is great for sales people because it gives them a shortcut to help the customer out finding that perfect give or new self-purchased jewel.

My column appears every issues — 6 times a year — and this coming April our Customer Types concept will be a central focus at the magazine’s sister trade show, The Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago.

I also enjoy giving exposure to designers who make beautiful jewels. I only wish I had more than one page per issue so that I can introduce retailers to more designers.


 If you’d like to know what we’ll be featuring in the next few months, here’s the scoop:

 Sentimental Susan – due Jan. 20th

Jewelry is the ultimate gift of love — it’s only given from the heart to commeorate family, passion, friendship and adoration of all kinds. And the Sentimental Susan customer type wears her heart on her sleeve. And in her ears. And around her neck. Each jewel has a person attached to it — and she loves to talk about each story. When you’re helping her choose jewelry go for the meaning of the jewel before the design. Show her lockets, charms and anything that can be monogrammed.

Designers: if you’d like to be considered for this article send one image with white background of a jewel that has a sentimental angle — lockets, charms, engravables, etc. We will choose the best by January 26th.


The Maxed-Out Maven – due Feb. 20th

When you meet a trend hunter you know it. She’s the one wearing something (often more than one thing) that appears on the cover of at least one magazine, can be traced back to a celebrity sighting or front and center at hot spots like Bergdorfs and Stanley Korshak. For this customer you’ve got to stay on your game and be as knowledgable as her. Your whole store doesn’t have to be cutting edge but you should have a little corner of trend heaven where you keep the latest and fastest designs. Keep current fashion and celebrity magazines around to validate your choices and make her feel comfortable in hers.

Designers: if you’d like to be considered for this article send one image with white background of a jewel that is cutting edge trendy — we’re talking single earrings, bold cuffs, leather-and-diamonds and anything just worn by a Kardashian. We will choose the best by Feb. 20th.


 Do This:

Email a white background high-res jpg with full description and suggested retail to info[at] by the deadlines stated above.



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