Jewelry Designer Business e-course — Tips from the Trenches

Posted on February 8, 2008

I’ve launched a free e-course (that’s a class that comes via email!) to help you start the year off on the right foot.

Visit our website at and you should see a floating box where you can sign up to receive our free lessons.

If you don’t see it just send a blank email to: That will hook you up, too.

You’ll get all 10 lessons in your inbox — one every other day.

Topics include:
Lesson 1 — Marketing is a never-ending process
Lesson 2 — Actions in line with goals
Lesson 3 — Tell them what to think
Lesson 4 — There’s no such thing as buzz kill
Lesson 5 — Don’t make it hard to find you
Lesson 6 — Sales trumps design every time
Lesson 7 — Follow instructions
Lesson 8 — Manners Matter
Lesson 9 — Experimentation is good and staying true to your brand is better
Lesson 10 — Prince Charming doesn’t exist – and lastly, it’s not personal

I’ve worked with hundreds of designers in my career and I’ve seen them come and unfortunately, I’ve seen them go. What helped make the difference? Sign up for my free e-course and find out.

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