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Posted on May 20, 2013

 Designer-centric News & Views 5/17/12



  Awesome explanation of trademark usage for jewelers by Sara Yood of the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee (JVC) bookmark this one! [ via NationalJeweler]

If you’re going to Vegas and you’re NOT exhibiting then there’s a lot of great education for you to attend at JCK Show. Rappaport is hosting a free diamond conference on Sunday 6/2. [via Rappaport]

Designers MUST learn about the professional jewel thieves that prey on our industry. I know many designers don’t think of themselves as “part of the industry” but if you go to jewelry stores and trade shows — you can be a target. Read how to protect yourself. [via JCK]

Designers must think about the modern day consumer when building their brand, said industry leaders during WJA’s Spring Fling held in collaboration with W magazine on May 15 in New York City. “Brand building, however, doesn’t happen quickly.” and more bon mots [via JCK]


Wondering how to show your designs elegantly on an ipad to create a digital Look Book of sorts? There’s an app for that. [ via The AppWhisperer]

Does photoshop seem out of your league? Here are 3 free tools/apps that can help you edit photos w/o photoshop. [via PR Couture]

 Despite reaching 4.5 million users as of March 2013, and more than 40 million images posted each day, and 8,500 likes per second, Instagram’s strengths from both a PR and marketing perspective remain relatively untapped. However, a few interesting new startups are taking advantage of Instagram’s community and visual appeal to extend the business use of everyone’s favorite photo filter app. [via PR Couture]



        Maria Dueñas Jacobs, formerly senior accessories editor at Glamour, has been named accessories director at ELLE.  [via Daily Front Row]

Will Kahn joins T&C as accessories editor on May 28, after spending five years at W, most recently as accessories editor. [ via Daily Front Row]


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