designerDAY 2013 Features Speakers, Learning Stations & a Swap-n-Shop

Posted on February 6, 2013

designerDAY 2013 is ready to roll — we’re so excited for this year’s line up of speakers and for the two new features we’ve added.  The theme is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and we’re tacking some of the most troublesome issues plagueing design’preneurs this year.

First — we’ll have a session by Belinda Pruyne of Business Innovation Group about finding your ISP — innovative Selling Proposition. Belinda is a business coach who has worked with a lot of artists and creative businesses and she’s expert at helping you articulate what makes you and your jewelry unique.

Next we delve into the issue of appraisals and what happens when a customer brings your jewelry to an appraiser who isn’t famiilar with your work or the designer concept and appraises it for basic scrap costs. And your client hits the roof! We’ll talk with Gail Brett Levine, Executive Director of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers about how to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Next we’ll hear from Cecelia Gardner of the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee about the FTC’s regulations on the Made in America labeling. We were shocked when we found out most jewelry cannot legally be labeled as such even though it was crafted by a designer in the USA.

Our last topic, The Greening of the Jewelry Industry,  will be divided into two parts as Peggy Jo Donahue, Director of Public Affairs for MJSA, teach us who’s who in the ethical, responsible, green movement and then designer Jennifer Dawes teaches us how to navigate through the sometimes murky waters of these organizations and others who are all part of the “Green” trend. She’s found many ways to make her jewelry as responsibly crafted as possible.

Our afternoon is filled with our new Learning Stations — we flip the room and have more than a dozen experts man their own Stations to teach you the ins-and-outs of their respective fields of expertise. Be it SEO, iphone photography, buying diamonds, business strategy, public relations and so much more … you will be personalized attention to learn just what you need to learn.

The day ends with our new cocktail party SWAP-n-SHOP!

This is something we’ve been dying to do for a long time — give you guys the chance to take those old gems, unused tools and whatever else you bought and forgot about and see if it can become another man’s treasure. This is the ultimate green jewelry effort to recycle old mistakes into new inspirations.

The deals you make are between you two — we are NOT responsible for the claims or descriptions or anything else — but you can swap or sell or buy whatever you like.


You can read the agenda here and you can buy your tickets here.


If you’re coming in from out of town you’ll want to make a weekend out of your trip because we’re part of what is now known as “Jewelry March Madness“!! Three events packed into one long weekend:

The Women’s Jewelry Association’s annual Spring Gala is on March 7th and their In the Know Conference is on March 8th (our topics do not overlap at all so coming to both conferences is like a double blast of awesome!) and the MJSA Expo show starts on Sunday the 10th and you’ll certainly want to go shopping there. And of course, there are some great free seminars during the show, too.

I can hardly stand it — four days of industry awesomeness that will rock your world (I’ve promised my husband I’d stop saying that phrase but I just can’t find a suitable replacement!) and make your business so much better.

See you in March?


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