DVD Think Like a Designer CEO

Our CEO Summit was an exceptional event — we brought together some of our favorite experts together with a very powerful group of designers for a full day of amazing business growth and mastery.

Who knows when we’ll be able to offer a second event of this kind but we CAN offer folks who weren’t able to make it to NYC that day the next best thing.  A DVD set of the full conference!

The Best Advice We've Ever Heard


What was the theme under each presentation? How to grow your designer business faster and smarter — even in this economy!


  • Stay afloat and even prosper despite the economy, the price of materials or any other perceived obstacles.
  • Understand exactly what your company is worth, and how to increase that number.
  • Learn how to confidently plot out a rewarding and prosperous future.

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    How? The answers — and a whole lot more — are now available in a dynamic business-building package geared specifically to you, the entrepreneurial jewelry designer.

    When I decided to come up with the ultimate in useful advice for designers, I assembled a team of experts, put them on a stage and got them over the course of an entire day to explain EXACTLY what it takes to make a designer company successful. The event was called the Designer CEO Summit and it has since become the gold standard for designer business guidance.

    By the end of the day, it became clear that what all of the presentations added up to was a clear, comprehensive guide to growing a designer business — your business — faster and smarter.

    It was also obvious that this information was so important, so crucial to the success of every designer that it had to be made available to absolutely every one of you. And not just for a one-time viewing; these presentations are so packed with useful information that they will be used as reference material again and again.

    The result is this five-disk set of six-plus hours featuring a jam-packed series of presentations that will practically turn you into a business whiz kid who:


    • Can assess just how healthy your business is and know what to do to improve it ­– regardless of your financial situation.
    • Knows what steps to take to build a brand– and just as importantly, what NOT to do.
    • Understands how best to approach retailersto get the most advantageous deals.
    • Finds your best friend in any retail situation.
    • Realizes what it takes to become a nationally-recognized designer who sets trends and influences others — this from an industry veteran who’s reached that peak.


    That’s powerful stuff, and there’s tons more. In addition to full-blown presentations there is a packed one-hour rapid-fire session in which experts in fields like display design, public relations and online tactics offer up tip after tip just for jewelry designers. And there’s still more!

    But beyond what is actually said in these definitive presentations is another benefit that’s harder to quantify. It’s what happens to your enthusiasm for your choice as a career — it soars!

    As you learn more and more, the future looks brighter and brighter, or at the very least, far more hopeful. And that is because you the artist are becoming more competent and confident about the business side of your career.

    Once that happens, once you remove the guesswork, once you KNOW what to do to succeed, your energy just skyrockets.

    If you are like most people in the jewelry business, you don’t have an MBA from Harvard — or anywhere else for that matter. Yet you are running a business in a field crowded with competitors, and more are graduating into the workforce each year. How can you possibly compete on just your native intelligence and design talent?

    The short answer is you probably can’t, and certainly not at your maximum. And you certainly can’t until you fully embrace the idea that you are, in addition to being an artist, a businessperson.

    For many designers, it’s the numbers part of business they don’t like — detest, even — but you have to embrace it, and learn as much as you can about it. It’s what makes the most successful designers successful.


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    Let me make this point absolutely clear:

    As I stated in one of my (admittedly irregular) Tips of the Week, the BIG SECRET about what makes a designer successful — without exception — is an unswerving focus on running his or her designer enterprise as a business.
    Not a profitable hobby, not a means to express oneself and maybe keep a roof over your head, not a creative passion with a business aspect attached. It’s a business first and foremost. Period.

    Those who succeed do so by making jewelry to make money. Everything else is secondary.

    That may come across as extreme or oversimplified but it’s not. It’s what I’ve learned after more than 20 years working with designers.

    And if you want to succeed in business, you’d best learn all you can about it. That’s where the Designer CEO Summit package comes in. It’s an amazing distillation of practical, comprehensible advice on several aspects of running a designer jewelry business, and is for everyone not qualified to put the initials MBA after their name.


    As I said earlier, when I started this project, I wanted the best business advice and guidance I could get for jewelry designers,and I got it. And now you can have it, too.


    With this package you get:


    Ready for Anything: Plan Like a CEO and Get Ready for Growth
    by Andrea Hill, former CEO of Rio Grande and owner of StrategyWorx, business consulting group. Video of entire presentation.

    Get Into the Mind of Your Customer: How Retailers Think, Buy and Sell Your Work and How You Can Influence It All
             by Kate Peterson, the industry’s “retail ninja strategist” who advises retailers on how to maximize their sales. Video of entire presentation.

    Behind a Designer’s Studio
             The legendary Lisa Jenks, noted jewelry designer trailblazer, shares more than 20 years worth of hard-won insights. Video of entire presentation.

    Lunch with the Experts – dozens of rapid-fire tips
    Michael Schreier, buyer, RueLaLa.com, expert in retailing and online sales
              Gary Schroder, owner, Visual Exhibitionism, display and packaging expert
              Marlene Richey, owner, Marlene Richey LLC, small business management expert
              Stacy Kaplan, co-owner, Truth be Told, Inc., celebrity PR specialist
             Katie Hellmuth Martin, online guru, owner, Katie James Pixilated and co-founder of ‘Preneur.

    Video of entire presentation.

    An Inside Look at Branding
              Meeling Wong, For the first time anywhere, hear how Meeling guided some of the most prestigious and successful designer jewelry brands in the creation and execution     of their branding strategies. Transcript of her presentation.

    Mp3 files of all the sessions so you can listen at your convenience.

    Texts of the tips presented at the lunch Panel

    Background and contact information on the presenters



    All of that — the video presentations, the transcripts, the mp3s, the lists of tips, all of it and more — comprises the CEO Summit package.

    And to make this offer even more complete, we’re adding a bonus disk! At no extra charge to you, we’re including another relevant video, a Designer Day presentation on sales technique and strategy by Keith Rosen, the Executive Sales Coach.

    You’ll see how this is a natural fit to the CEO Summit material. Over the course of almost two hours this sought-after sales coach removes a lot of the fear and loathing many have about selling. You can check Keith out at www.ProfitBuilders.com.

    The cost for all of this is just $297 — for more than six hours of the best business advice plus additional material, all tailored to you, the jewelry designer. That price is less than what you would pay any one these experts for just a single hour of their time. And these people are the best in the business!

    Now if you’re ready to discover exactly what to do to gain control of the business side of your company, it’s time to get started..

    Don’t kick yourself later for not taking action. The next move is up to you.

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