Sales & Marketing Design’preneur Boot Camp


Join Cindy, the only business coach who specializes in the designer fine jewelry market, for an interactive two-day small-group event that will give you an insider’s point of view on how to build systems using proven tactics, tools, strategies, and plans to create a sales and marketing system that will rock your business!



DAY 1: Marketing: Tips, Tricks and Secrets
to Promoting Your Jewelry to The Press and Retailers

The challenge
Designers know how to make jewelry but they often don’t know how to communicate their vision to others nor how to create a compelling offer to attract the right business partners and customers.

This interactive seminar with the “JewelryBizGuru” [that’s Cindy Edelstein’s social media handle!] will break down the steps needed — in a way you can understand — to craft the right offer, message it effectively and communicate it to the world convincingly.
Cindy has worked with hundreds of jewelry designers in her 20+ years as a designer jewelry business coach, trade show coordinator, advisor and marketer.

The solution

She will cover what designers are creating these days, what systems and tools they’re using and how you can create your own yearly and monthly marketing calendar to make sure you are doing the right things at the right times and promoting yourself to the right people.
She’ll break it all down, demystify the tools and processes so you can promote yourself and your work faster, easier and more effectively than ever.
You will get the chance to create many of your marketing prototypes with Cindy’s guidance and feedback through it all.
Modules during our Marketing Day:
     • Finding your business personality
     • Defining your target customer
     • Communicating your key differentiators
     • Writing your elevator pitch/bio/artists statement

     • Creating collateral materials
     • Doing your own PR
     • Using social media to grow your presence
        …. and so much more!
DAY 2: Sales: Super Charge Your Sales Skills & Create Systems for Success
The challenge
Designers love to make jewelry but too often the sales process is a mystery or a misery depending on their level of comfort and understanding of the traditional sales cycle. Artists let fear and insecurity get in the way of success but it doesn’t have to be that way! Negative emotions can be replaced with insight and systems.
The solution
Learn how the business of designer jewelry sales really works. She will guide you through the process of finding new prospects, communicating with them and nurturing them through your very own sales cycle. You will learn how to do this all year long with marketing.
The fine jewelry business is a relationship industry and oftentimes your best customers will take months — even years — to place their first order. But once they do, the relationship can last a lifetime. It’s part of the roadmap of business success in the designer world, and you will create your own map with Cindy guiding you all the way.
Pick up tricks, tips and rules of engagement for selling your designs to retailers of all sizes and product classifications. Cindy will explain the pros and cons of boutiques, craft galleries, fine jewelry stores and department stores.
Modules during our Sales Day:
     • Mastering The Sales Cycle
     • Filling Your Sales Funnel
     • Asking the Right Questions
     • Figuring out Your Prospects
     • Personality/Communications Type
     • Building Your Own Master Plan
      …. and so much more!


2015 date TBA



“Cindy!  what a great 2-day class that was!  Really impressive amount of information and detail and insight. I came in order to help kick myself back onto the marketing  saddle and to revisit fundamentals of selling and marketing, which let’s face it, one (or at least I) always needs to work on.  I was not expecting such a great presentation with such specific and thoughtful and opinionated information.  I really appreciate it!  I’m planning on putting it to use immediately…clearing the decks to do so.  You are a brilliant presenter and very funny as well…having attended a large number of these I feel very qualified to compare.  Most ‘experts’ fit the Woody Allen ‘and those who can’t teach teach gym’ formula; you are truly gifted, and as you said – even though you don’t want to – 85% of what you spoke about could be applied to many other industries. We are lucky to have you, especially at your very accessible cost.”  – R. Blumenthal


“And by the way, I am reaping the benefits of the Boot Camp every single day. I have such a clear idea of what I need to do to elevate our sales and marketing and have already started on many things, with a long list of more to do. If only I could express how much I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. It was one of the best trips of my life. I just loved it. Thank you sooooo much!” — C. Streeter


“The Boot Camp covered more than I expected and is completely worth the time and money, without a doubt. The course covered tons of practical marketing and selling info. It basically gave me a list of things I need to do in my business in order to move forward in a positive and fruitful manner, without wasting my time on things that aren’t important. I especially loved the small group aspect, where we could interact with each other and ask lots of questions. I already have started making my social media marketing more meaningful. I feel super secure in how to approach different stores and galleries, and develop working relationships. I understand more about branding, and why it is important to even me, a small business.  Cindy is friendly and approachable. Even more important, she is honest. I don’t feel coddled about my business practices- Cindy truthfully tells you what she thinks you need to change. This is so important, as most of my friends and family all say how great I’m doing because they love me. Cindy gave me the step by step information for me to move forward with my business. Now it is up to me to follow the steps.”  — J. Golberg