Ten Online Tools to Rock Your Business Workshop

San Francisco, October 23 at 6pm at DH Sustainable Jewelers, 2323 Market St.


Ten Online Tools to Rock Your Business Workshop


Jewelers traditionally spend their day at their bench — and their drawing board — and retailers spend their time behind the counter. And I am always trying to get you to your desk — or now your phone — to use digital tools to help the marketing side of your business.

 There are more than just social media tools to help you promote your business and we’ll touch on the Top Ten online tools that will help you promote yourself easier, faster and more efficiently.

We’ll talk about how you can use these to your benefit:

  • Facebook Pages  (of course)
  • Twitter    (yes, it’s actually useful)
  • Hootsuite  
  • Blogs — wordpress & Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Evernote
  • Youtube
  • Square
  • instagram
  • Animoto
  • and one extra cause I like to overdeliver….. Expensify


By using these quick and easy tools (I know… it takes time to learn, though) you can make many of your own marketing initiatives and stay more organized on the go. Entrepreneurs don’t need to be tied down to an office — your laptop and your smart phone can help you get more done wherever you are.

These are fun, fast and simple sites you can use to up your game.

Let’s spend an hour talking about these fun tools and let me get you excited about your online business tools!

 To register for this event hosted by the Northern California Chapter of the Women’s Jewelry Association (great networking and a group you should join regardless of my workshop!)

 Call Clare Ullman at 510-207-0867 or email her at clareullman@earthlink.net.

There’s a ticket fee for this event — WJA members $20 and not-yet-members $25.
NorCal Chapter Womens Jewelers Association