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We do a live broadcast on the Third Thursday at Three (Eastern) — unless we have to wiggle the date around our speaker’s schedule. All past event videos are available for purchase and immediate watching online.

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designerbiztalk webinar with Belinda Pruyne


More than most of our webinars, this one has the potential to change your life! Belinda Pruyne, an expert at helping you define your goals in life — and setting up a plan to achieve them — outlines the steps you need to take to set a course for success. One of our most inspiring webinars.

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designerbiztalk with Matthew Perosi


There is so much more that you and every designer can do online to drive sales — if you just knew how! Why not wring every last bit of business out of the online efforts you’re already doing? Yes, you can get more results – by working smarter.

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designerbiztalk webinar with Todd Reed

Few designers today are as successful as Todd Reed. He’s won numerous design awards, is often hailed as a true creative, and probably most importantly, his work is sold in the best stores nationally. Fortunately, he is willing to reveal the so-called business “secrets” that he used to propel him to the the retail heights he has achieved. And that is what you’ll learn in this webinar

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designerbiztalk webinar with Richard Kasdin

An independent sales representative can teach you a lot about getting into the stores you want to be in! And that’s precisely what Richard Kasdin, a sales veteran who has worked with some of the most successful brands, tells you in this highly informative webinar.

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Beth Anne Bonanno, The EAB Project



How to Rock a Trunk Show and Close the Sales… two topics in one powerful session.
We’ll cover the many aspects that go into a successful trunk show, including that critical pre-show preparation that sets the tone for how the day will go. We’ll touch on other factors like getting the store to pay your way, blending in with the store’s sales ambiance and finding out just how much publicity the store is willing to do for you in advance of your arrival.  

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Joanne Teichman, owner Ylang23




Joanne Teichman, of Ylang23 is one of the most dynamic designer jewelry stores in the United States. Hear her point-of-view and learn about her take on the business. Her advice was longranging on how to pitch retailers, how to build a good relationship and so much more. This was a fascinating interview!

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Dione Kenyon, President, Jewelers Board of Trade



 Dione has worked in the financial sector for most of her career and with her work as President & CEO of The Jewelers Board of Trade she has a great understanding of how designers can succeed and fail with consignment, credit and other financial matters.

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Mark Davidovitch, Publicist Extraordinaire



 Public relations has changed. The advent of digital made it possible for designers to reach consumers directly in a way they could never afford to before. In the old days, you either had a magazine “discover” you or a retailer could find you at at a trade show. Now there’s Facebook, blogs, Pinterest and other digital media. So where do you put your PR time and dollars? Mark guides us around the changed PR landscape

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Marie Helene Morrow, Reinhold Jewelers




 Marie-Helene Morrow is one of the best-known and beloved retailers who take designer jewelry seriously. Her six stores in Puerto Rico are notable for the broad depth of designer lines she carries. In this webinar she explains how she operates in general, how she chooses new designer lines, and in an attitude that endears her to designers everywhere, tells why she dislikes consignment.

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Danny Maloney, owner, Pin League



 Pinterest is one place that designers have to be involved in. For one thing, it is the fastest growing social media, it’s all product-based, people who use Pinterest — “pinners” — are more focussed on what they want, they spend more money online than Facebook and Twitter users do and they are more interested in luixury goods. Danny Maloney, head of a Pinterest strategy company, breaks it all down for us.

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Amanda Gizzi, Communications Director, Jewelers of America



Amanda Gizzi has spent more than 10 years getting press for the fine jewelry category with the designer members of the Jewelry Information Center, a division of Jewelers of America. She’s also a tireless advocate for her designer members and has used many different platforms to raise their consumer awareness. She is expert at getting the attention of the press, making relationships and winning media coverage.

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Meeling Wong




Meeling Wong is the owner of her eponymous consulting firm and a longtime player in the designer jewelry world. She will share her advice for attracting the attention of the “Big Buyers” and how to build successful relationships with them.  I asked the questions you’re probably dying to ask.

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Katie Hellmuth, SEO Ninja, Tin Shingle



Making your website work for you is a major key to online success. Even if you don’t sell from your site you need to be concerned with search engine optimization (SEO), you need to know where to put what on the page and you need a Facebook business page, too. Katie tells all.

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