designerbiztalk with Amanda Gizzi of JIC

designerbiztalk with Amanda Gizzi of Jewelry Information Center


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Amanda Gizzi has spent more than 10 years getting press for the fine jewelry category with the designer members of the Jewelry Information Center, a division of Jewelers of America. She’s also a tireless advocate for her designer members and has used many different platforms to raise their consumer awareness.

She is expert at getting the attention of the press, making relationships and winning media coverage.

She will be sharing her tips and tricks and teaching designers how they can do much of it for themselves. There are many nuances to fine jewelry publicity and Amanda is going to share many of her personal best practices along with stories from the front lines.

Some of the questions we’ll be discussing:

  • How do you build a press list
  • how hard is it to keep accurate and up to date?
  • how do you build relationships with editors?
  • how do you cold call?
  • how do you not annoy them?
  • what are they looking for?
  • what turns them on?
  • what turns them off?
  • how do you do a “desk side?”
  • how do you get editorial opps?
  • do they always turn into sales? tell me about when one did and when one didn’t.
  • what do you do if a publication doesn’t want to give a particular designer any ink?
  • what about other advertorial like things –like  Lucky Breaks; how do those work?
  • best PR story.
  • worst/saddest PR story.
  • do you have to gift celebs? stylists? bloggers.
  • what about bloggers anyway — really makes an impact?
  • how do you create a press kit?
  • how do you create a press event? what makes the editors come to it?

You won’t want to miss this informative session — so that you too can gain more exposure in 2013.


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