designerbiztalk with Dione Kenyon of Jeweler’s Board of Trade

Dione Kenyon, President & CEO of The Jewelers Board of Trade, is our December webinar guest.


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Dione is President and CEO of The Jewelers Board of Trade bringing 35 years of experience in precious metals, credit administration, and banking services to the diamond and jewelry industry.  JBT, founded over 125 years ago is a mission-based, member-sponsored trade association, delivering credit and collection services solely for the diamond and jewelry industry. Headquartered in the United States ( Rhode Island),  JBT serves 2400 members nationally and worldwide, actively reporting on 30,000 companies (retailers and suppliers) operating in the U.S.

Prior to joining JBT in 2002, Dione served as Managing Director of the Consumer Lending Group for FleetBoston Financial Corp. (now Bank of America), following nine years as Senior Vice President & Division Manager of Fleet Precious Metals, a premier lender to the diamond and jewelry industry in the U.S.  Dione previously held positions in credit lending and marketing in the metals and jewelry industries.

We’ve asked Dione to join us this month so that she can teach us all more about credit issues, how to use memo/consignment agreements and how to make sure you’re best protected in any financial deal.

Here are some of the questions we will cover:

  • What is the state of the jewelry industry?
  • Who’s doing well in the industry? And why?
  • How do you decide if a store is credit-worthy?
  • What are the steps I should take when giving consignment goods to a store?
  • How can I protect my jewelry while in their store?
  • Are there best practices to making collection calls?
  • What do you do if a retailer on 30 day terms hasn’t paid you by day 180?
  • What are the biggest financial mistakes jewelry makers make?
  • What does the term “willfull blindness” have to do with my business?
  • Where do jewelry makers find the money to start their businesses?
  • Are there loans, angel investors and such in our industry?
  • What’s the most dangerous finanicial decision one could make in a fine jewelry company?
  • Can designers have access to insider information like the “big guys” do?
We’re going to ask all those questions and more.
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