designerbiztalk with Joanne Teichman of Ylang23

Joanne Teichman, owner of the amazing Dallas store Ylang23  is our first webinar guest.    


Watch online what we recorded on Sept. 20th

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Ylang23 is one of the most sought-after stores by designers of all kinds. The Dallas jewelry emporium, and it’s sister website, carries an amazing array of fine jewelry designers and Joanne is known for being one of designer jewelry’s most ardant fans.

Joanne is a keen trend tracker and can spot new talent at 50 paces so how does she do it? How does she curate her store so that everyone wants to shop there and every designers wants to be in there.

I asked the questions you’re probably dying to ask.

Some of my questions for her were:

  • What’s going through her mind as she walks a trade show?
  • How does someone get on her must-stop-by list?
  • Why does she choose the designers that she chooses?
  • What makes her buy more from a designer?
  • What makes her buy less?
  • What can a designer do to get her attention?
  • Does she really read her email and mail from new designers — especially right before trade show season?
  • How do you throw a great trunk show?

We discussed her 25 year history, her love of the internet and her philosophy for selling designer jewelry. We  learned a lot.


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