Facebook, Twitter boost online sales

Posted on December 9, 2009

Social media is starting to make inroads in business. So glad to hear some stats that back up the feeling we who have embraced the digital phenomenon have experienced.

I’ve discovered a lot of new things via other people’s posts. The ultimate tell-a-friend network really works. I trust my friends — I even trust the friends of my friends.

holiday season is the first chance for most retailers to test the
selling power of Facebook and Twitter, and one early survey shows the
strategy is working, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

survey conducted Friday through Monday showed that 28 percent of
shoppers who have started buying gifts were influenced by social media,
according to a report from the research firm comScore Inc. of Reston,

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  1. 48% of those who come in contact w/ a brand on Twitter went on to search for more info, according to this great piece by Brian Solis – http://bit.ly/8Qn3DR
    Word-of-mouth has always been a natural and essential part of the jewelry business. The difference is now these words are being spread on a global scale and at the speed of light.
    Additionally, with the increasing popularity and adoption of location based social networks, such as Foursquare, there is great potential for inviting more traffic and increasing brand awareness.

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