Gild – A new Trade Event to Help You Meet Fashion Buyers

Posted on July 1, 2008

The demand from the boutique, fashion and accessories market is growing for finer jewelry. The team that brought you Couture (I’m consulting for them) is working to put you in front of a new and exciting market – the thousands of fashion and accessory buyers and boutique owners who shop the Chicago and LA Fashion Weeks.

The new trade shows are called GILD and they’re 3-day turnkey booths in the Mart buildings of those two cities.

Boutique buyers are learning how important jewelry is to their customers and their profits.  These two shows are perfectly timed to be a part of the LA Fashion Week (in Los Angeles) and StyleMax (in Chicago). 

I’m excited about this new venture — it opens up new markets for the tradition designer jeweler — and I’m looking forward to bridging the gap between boutiques and fine jewelry.

Visit the Gild website, or contact me for more information.


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