Gurhan Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Posted on December 11, 2007

What a lovely way to celebrate a 10th anniversary… with a party designed to thank and honor those who helped you reach that milestone — like your first customer, and your IT consultant, and your lawyer and the editor who gave you your first magazine feature. That’s just what Fiona Tilley and Gurhan Orhan — owners of GURHAN — did this evening.

It was a swanky cocktail party for 100+ where nearly everyone was the guest of honor — or at least made to feel that way by the gracious couple who have created one of the most successful designer businesses of our time.

Due to their  accumulated genius — in both business and design — they’ve grown from a two-person entrepreneurship  in NYC to a multinational corporation with nearly 100 people  going full steam ahead. One thing that hasn’t changed though is Gurhan’s prolific designs (and their gracious charm!).

Part of their success in the marketplace is due to the fact that no matter who you are or what you’re looking for there’s something for you in the line. Big, small; simple or jangly; colorful or plain and everything inbetween. What retailer can resist taking the line in their store when there’s something for nearly every customer? And the work is backed up with great  craftsmanship, service, respect and personalized attention to every detail. [TIP: having as much width and depth to your line as possible maximizes your sales potential — give everyone something to buy!] Those are points every designer can learn from the Gurhan team.

We had a great time at the party reminiscing and feelin’ the love. It’s great to see two very talented people reach milestones in their business celebrating with full gusto and even more grace.

I hope you all get to feel that way sometime in your business — whatever size and scope you aim to be.


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