Henri Bendel Open Call – part 3

Posted on March 31, 2008

Email #3:

Ok.  It’s a little after 5am & I’m here.  It’s cold but I’m sitting
on a ledge & in front of a grate so it’s ok!  I’ve also come prepared
with a good wool coat, gloves & earmuffs.  Some people  have been smart
enough to bring chairs.  If someone was selling chairs- I’d buy!  Oh, the Glamorous
life of a designer!  I just noticed a huge pile of throw up right in front
of me – streetside.  It has just garnered a lot of attention from the line
dwellers.  Some good guy just went across the street for a trashbag to put
on top of it.  More later from the line.


Here’s Judith sitting — guess she made friends with someone who had brought a chair!

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